BJJ Globetrotters Winter Camp 2020

* January 2-6 in Wagrain, Austria *
* 70 km from Salzburg airport *
* Beautiful location in the middle of the alps *
* Five days of BJJ and skiing / snowboarding *
* Four nights accommodation *
* All meals included *
* Free skiing and snowboarding lessons *
* Daily workshops, lectures and movie nights *
* 24 hr free fruit and non-alcoholic beverages *
* Extra mat space for all-day open mat / drilling *
* Free laundry service *
* Direct access to huge skiing area with 120+ km slopes *
* Free access to water park and sauna facilities next door *
* Afterski parties *
* All levels of BJJ and skiers welcome *


Year six and still going strong! We’re kicking 2020 off in proper style, as we head back up to the towering white heights of the Austrian alps for our annual Winter Camp. Four days of skiing, snowboarding, and Jiu Jitsu, nights full of beer, schnitzel, and impromptu pole-dance lessons, and a hotel full of fellow Globetrotters to share it all with.

Hope to see you there! :)




Nestled in a stunning alpine valley less than an hour’s drive from Salzburg airport, the charming little village of Wagrain (population of just over 3,000 people) has well and truly established itself as the location of choice for our Winter Camp. The entire valley is interlaced with hundreds of kilometres of world-class ski slopes suitable for all levels, from beginner to expert, and the village itself is a wonderfully romantic mix of quaint market squares and centuries-old houses.


The sheer amount of training, skiing/snowboarding, and socialising we manage to fit into the five days in this beautiful place is truly something special, and we can’t wait to get back there and have a fantastic experience together with a group of Globetrotters from all around the world.


“Winter camp!!! What can I say, such a beautiful place to be! I have met some really awesome people here. Great vibe up at the mountain, on the mats and as well as at the after-party. I snowboarded for the first time and did pretty well, I learned some really good Jiu Jitsu techniques by very helpful instructors and you will also be pleased to learn that I survived Jägermeister! All the lessons and time spent here were really worth the experience especially with people from all parts of the world. You go home feeling positive because you’ve learned to become a better person. I’m very grateful to be a part of this camp. I will see you cool people at the next one! “
– Patrick, Indonesia



The camp venue is Jugendhotel Wiederkehr, a hotel located about a 10-minute walk from the ski lifts. We’ll have the entire hotel to ourselves for the duration of the camp, so there’ll be plenty of room for all of us. You have a choice of staying in a 4-8 bed shared room or in one of our few double rooms, if you’d like some more privacy to sleep after a long day of skiing, snowboarding, and rolling.


Food is served three times a day and is included in the price of the camp. There’s also a 24-hour free fruit and (non-alcoholic) beverages bar that you’re welcome to use as much as you like, day or night. And if you need anything else in between meals, there’s a small supermarket just a one-minute walk from the house.


“I booked my first Globetrotters camp as a solo traveller, I knew I wouldn’t know anyone there which was a bit daunting. But when I met everyone – no one felt like a stranger, it was like we were all old friends. I still listen to the music we rolled to, and have applied the moves to my game. I am still friends with the people I met and those relationships somehow grow despite the geographical distance. I’ve become part of a network of awesome people and booking that trip was one of the best decision I ever made.”
– Gemma, United Kingdom


Whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned skier/snowboarder, this camp is for you. From the lifts near the hotel, you have easy and direct access to a vast area of more than 120km of slopes that cater to any and all levels. There’s also a small practice slope that you can use for free before you decide if you want to pay for a ski pass.


Our ski and snowboard instructors for the camp have decades of experience between them, and will be there for you every day to ensure you get the absolute most out of your trip. Regardless if you’ve never even seen snow before or if you need a trustworthy guide for the craziest off-piste drops, they’ve got you covered.


Please note that the ski pass and equipment rental are not included in the camp price, since we know that many people prefer to bring their own stuff, and there can be a big difference in how much time individual people want to spend in the snow. We always get good prices for our participants for equipment rentals (will be announced in camp Facebook group closer to the event). For ski pass prices, you can check out www.snow-space.com.


“This was my 2nd Globetrotter camp but the 1st outside of my native country. When I set off I vaguely knew a few from my previous camp but in reality I was traveling on my own. The standard of coaching was outstanding once again and with the beautiful Wagrain backdrop it made for another fantastic camp. The social side of things were great as well, wether you are a bit of a geek who plays dungeons & dragons or a budding bar team member every aspect of social life is catered for. The main bonus of sharing the dorms is that you are around everyone all day which allows some fantastic relationships to form amongst strangers and the lack of an elitist attitude from anyone including the instructors makes for such a pleasurable experience. Although I didn’t ski there was plenty to do with classes on all day, the waterpark next door or visiting the beautiful town so I was never bored. I will be returning in 2019 as well “
– Callum, United Kingdom



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The hotel has a small sports area where we’ll be laying down mats and running classes (both gi and no-gi) every day. These are all taught by a variety of highly experienced instructors who bring their own perspective on Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, sometimes incorporating concepts from other grappling arts such as wrestling, judo, and luta livre. We’ll also schedule daily open mat sessions at which you can roll, drill technique, or just chat with the instructors and pick their brains.

Extra mats are available 24 hours a day, so you can always grab a friend and roll at any time outside of the class schedule.

All of our camps are renowned for their open and welcoming atmosphere. They’re full of enthusiastic, friendly people from all around the world, who enjoy training in a fun, relaxed, and open-minded environment. So regardless of whether you’re there with a group or travelling solo, you’ll always find someone to slap hands with.



“As a rookie in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, I was a bit concerned about my level of skills as a white belt to participate at the Winter camp. But after the first drill I felt the immediate connection through this beautiful community between every participant. Everyone took care of each other and tried to take the most out of the 4 days. I was blown away by the ability of meeting so many new friends in such a short time. As I was in preparation for the European Championships, I didn’t take part of the “very famous” party-train but instead enjoyed the wellness area. I just wanted these days not to end and I’m looking forward to participate in a lot more camps in future.”
– Thierry, Luxembourg


Off the mats, we’ll be holding a series of workshops taught by a selection of instructors and highly knowledgeable camp attendees. These will all take place in the camp venue. Generally they focus on Jiu Jitsu and sport-related topics, but we’ve also had presentations on things like improving your photography, getting ideas and making stuff happen, and analysis of famous fights – basically anything cool that we think might be interesting!


We’ll be professionally filming many of the classes and then hosting them online at our video library: BJJ Globetrotters in Action. They’ll be entirely free to access (as will the videos from all our other camps), so if you want to refresh your memory you can go back and check out the technique as many times as you want.



If you still have energy after all the BJJ and skiing, you can go test out the slides at the water park right next door to the hotel. Wasserwelt Amadé features both outdoor and indoor swimming pools, a sauna, and a relaxation area, and all camp participants will have full access for free through the camp.


Five days of Jiu Jitsu and hiking in the alps is tough on the body! In order to keep us as limbre and loose right until the end, we’re bringing back our dedicated instructor to run morning yoga sessions every day of the camp.


Once again, we’ll be hosting our traditional Winter Camp competition. It’s evolved over the years from semi-suicidal downhill to drunken slalom and to its current – and less dangerous – incarnation as a snowman-building competition and an everyone-vs-Christian snowball fight. Bring your best gloves, and be ready to fight hard to ensure your name will forever be remembered in the BJJ Globetrotters history books!


Should you still have any energy left after skiing/snowboarding and Jiu Jitsu, there’s ample opportunity to taste the local herbal liquors at the many aprés ski bars in the area. Lederhosen and Dirndl is not required dresscode for entry, but always encouraged!


On Sunday, the last day of the camp, we’ll wrap everything up in style by building an outdoor bar in the snow and having a few drinks together. We’ll also have warm glühwein and a bonfire to keep our feet and fingers warm.


“To describe the Globetrotter experience accurately, I would need a thesaurus to find enough words that mean amazing! Everyone I met there had a fantastic personality, the venue was epic and the BJJ & Snowboard classes were of a very high calibre! I learned a lot and had the time of my life. The camp was so energetic that I needed a holiday afterwards to recover :) Before the camp I was nervous about travelling by myself but now I’m hooked. I will definitely be at future camps! If I can offer some friendly advice, before you die…make sure you go to one too!”
– Sonny, United Kingdom



Christian Graugart

  • From Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt
  • Author of “The BJJ Globetrotter”
  • 1991 “Ski or Die” highscore holder
  • Got mistaken for a tranny in Moldova


  • valentin

    Bryan White

  • From Pennsylvania, United States
  • BJJ black belt
  • 18 years police officer
  • Skiing since age 5
  • 2nd best hair on slopes (after Christian)

    983816_305367389667330_9067399189504860978_nunnamed (3)unnamed (1)

  • priit

    Priit Mihkelson

  • From Tallinn, Estonia
  • BJJ black belt
  • Head coach 3D Treening, Estonia
  • 2nd place Nordic Open BJJ 2016
  • Once stopped drone strike w/ turtle defense

    14311463_10209392585347508_6077945807565947773_o 14481776_10209575817848206_8146760516380282779_o 15167486_10210101752996256_6988784090008005880_o

  • Greg Wood

  • From Connecticut, United States
  • BJJ Black Belt
  • Owner of Plainville Martial Arts
  • 20+ years of BJJ
  • Eats his weight in peanut butter, daily

  • Mariusz Grzywinski

  • From Dublin, Ireland
  • BJJ black belt
  • World Pro BJJ Ireland trials 2x gold
  • British Open 2018 champion
  • A Polish grappler with more than one gear

  • Liló Asensi

    Liló Asensi

  • From Alicante, Spain
  • BJJ black belt
  • 2nd IBJJF Worlds Masters
  • 3x Silver Europeans
  • Cat collector

  • Alex Brynn Colemann

    Alex Brynn Colemann

  • From Maryland, United States
  • East Coast Snowboard Instructor
  • Purple belt Pan American Champion
  • Blue belt NoGi-Pan American Champion
  • Will keep your butt warm and pain free

    1610951_10100649313891819_6013195552316900305_n 24643_633252250023444_229157393_n 1607053_722806641132093_6297725779584539126_n

  • Aaron Ross

  • From Florida, USA / Tokyo, Japan
  • BJJ black belt
  • 10+ yrs training in Paraestra, Tokyo
  • “Best Horse Stance” ’84 All Valley Karate C.
  • International used car salesman

  • Mario Hudelist

    Mario Hudelist

  • From Vienna, Austria
  • BJJ black belt
  • Party white belt
  • Headcoach City Thong BJJ Vienna
  • The unknown 3rd Mendes brother

  • Charles Harriott

  • From Florida, United States
  • BJJ black belt
  • Been matsurfing all of 2018
  • Sometimes compete, sometimes win
  • Kaohsiung Dance Battle Champion

  • Jack Clover BJJ

    Jack Clover

  • From London, United Kingdom
  • BJJ Brown Belt
  • Yoga Alliance teacher
  • 2-0 MMA record from ‘back in the day’
  • Won staring contest vs Panama housewife

  • valentin

    Valentin Stelzer

  • From Salzburg, Austria
  • University degree snowboard instructor
  • Most useless knees in human history
  • Snowboard Globetrotter
  • Wears lederhosen daily

    983816_305367389667330_9067399189504860978_nunnamed (3)unnamed (1)

  • brian

    Brian Carlsen

  • From Colorado, USA
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt
  • Skiing and snowboarding since ago two
  • Instructor at Easton Training Center
  • Will win any science quiz at camp

    10688349_892527747473382_8195501564514792805_o brian-hand brian-shove


    All instructors at the BJJ Globetrotters camps must agree to:

    • Respect and treat everyone at the camp equally, regardless of gender, sexuality, age, belt level and skill; on and off the mats.
    • Behave respectfully and with the integrity to be expected of an instructor, role model and representative of BJJ Globetrotters; on and off the mats.
    • Be a team player and support your fellow instructors.
    • Treat neither rolling nor teaching as a competition.


    “The Globetrotter community is absolutely awesome! I took part to an intensive Winter Camp in the Alps and had a blast. The days were filled with skiing, rolling and after parties and after a few days you kind of lost track of time and place and just do stuff. It’s amazing how fast you connect with people in an intensive setting like that. Will definitely do another one in the near future!”
    – Kimmo, Finland


    Schedule and guidebook will be released approximately a week prior to the camp

    Click here to read the guidebook from last Winter Camp

    * The rooms are available from Thursday early afternoon. You are welcome to arrive earlier and leave your bag in a locked room if you want hit the slopes during the day.

    * Checkout is Monday morning at 10:00. You can leave your bags in a locked room and stay longer if you like.

    * Welcome meeting and first training will be Thursday afternoon

    * Last training will be Sunday evening


    “When I booked my ticket to what would be my first BJJ Globetrotters camp, I was quite nervous for different reasons, but my friend convinced me and I am so grateful that I went, because WOW. I knew that I was about to learn some new and awesome techniques, but I did not expect it to give me the best weekend I’ve ever had. I only knew the 3 people that I traveled with but when I met everyone else and greeted them, it was like I already knew them. The globetrotter community brings the most unique and nicest people together and we are all there for the same reason. They say winter camp is the most intense camp and it definitely is, and you might need a few days afterwards to recover. The lessons (both on the mat and in the slopes) were of top quality and I’ve learned so much. The parties as well were awesome and I’ve made memories for life to take with me and treasure. I have found my place and my kind of people and I am now addicted.If you are not sure whether to book the camp or not. DO IT! You will not regret it, and you owe it to yourself to experience this.”
    – Louise, Sweden


    Book your spot before November 1st and get a special Winter Camp edition of our popular Super light travel gi for just €100 (normal price €150). You can pick any color of the gi (blue, white, black or gray) and it will have a special design just for this camp.

    BJJ Globetrotters Travel gi version 2
    * Special Winter Camp design *
    * Available in blue, white, black, brown and gray *
    * Super light ripstop jacket and pants *
    * From just 1.1 kg *
    * Perfect to bring for traveling *
    * Separate large BJJ Globetrotters patch *
    * Regular price €150 *
    * Special camp pre-order price €100 *
    BJJ Globetrotters Competition Gi
    * Special Winter Camp design *
    * Available in blue, white, black and gray *
    * High quality, 100% cotton 550GSM pearl weave jacket *
    * 10 oz canvas pants *
    * IBJJF competition legal *
    * Separate large BJJ Globetrotters patch *
    * Regular price €185 *
    * Special camp pre-order price €100 *

    Pre-order with your camp registration and you can pick it up at the camp and pay in cash there. Binding, gentleman agreement :)

    “Booking my ticket to my first camp (Winter Camp 2018 in Austria) helped me realize a dream of travelling to a new part of the world to engage in old and new passions (skiing and Jiu Jitsu). I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous/anxious in the months/weeks leading up to the camp but the experience itself brought the dream to life and has left me wanting to more and less afraid to get out and explore where Jiu Jitsu can take me. Would recommend the Winter Camp’s snow, schnitzel and shenanigans to any and all!”
    – John, United States



    4 nights accommodations
    Three meals a day
    24 hr free fruit and beverages
    Free access to Water World
    Free laundry service
    Jiu Jitsu lessons
    Ski lessons
    Snowboard lessons

    Dorm room = €499 per person
    (or €249 now and €250 before October 1st)

    Double room = €699 per person
    Single room = €799 per person

    Please note, that transportation, ski/snowboard equipment rental and ski pass is not included in the price. Bring your own or rent at the place at a good price.
    Ski pass can be purchased for half/full days, depending on how much time you want to spend on the slopes.

    January 2-6, 2020


    Terms and conditions


    “My partner Cristiana and I returned from the Winter Camp a week ago, but we’re still in high spirits after the whole experience! One of the most important things about any camp is that you get to spend time with a truly broad spectrum of people from all walks of life, which can only enrich you as a person. I’ve had the pleasure of breaking bread with people who I can now call friend, all thanks to these camps. The entire social experience is so wonderful in and of itself that you almost forget about the Jiu-Jitsu! Training at the Winter camp was a stormer, much like the previous camps I’ve attended. Once again, the timetable was packed full of classes put on by very talented instructors covering a diverse range of techniques and principles. Having attended most of the classes, I can safely say that everyone at the camp left with a few more weapons in their arsenal and a better understanding of Jiu-Jitsu. I’ve legitimately been catching people during live training with some of the techniques I’ve picked up and other aspects of my game have improved. Getting to roll with new people and experiencing different styles is also instrumental in helping develop your Jiu Jitsu. All in all, this camp was one of the best holidays I’ve had in a very long time. If you’re looking to leave the drudgery of real life behind and truly enjoy yourself, you need to go to a camp. Just do it – you’ll be glad you did!”
    – Giles, United Kingdom


    “Winter camp 2018 was my 9th BJJ Globetrotter camp, and this is my first testimonial. My opinion might be biased, so feel free to disregard my camp praise. As a camp veteran, with a track record of 4 winter camps in a row, I thought I had a pretty good picture of how this camp was going to go down. I was wrong. The Globetrotters added an extra day to Winter camp this year, but the days seemed to fly by. The participants were cooler than I remember, the camp was run smoother than ever,
    the rolls were harder, the beer was colder, the mountain peaks were peakier and the snow was as deep as it has ever been. Thanks to everyone who went to shred the gnar with me, told silly stories, kicked my butt in the gym and bought me jäger bombs afterwards. You are all appreciated. Let´s do it all over again next year.”

    – Daggi, Norway


    Where is the camp?
    The camp will be held at Jugendhotel Wiederkehr, Kirchboden 19, 5602 Wagrain, Austria.

    How do I get there?
    The closest international airport is Salzburg (SZG), less than 70km away. From there you can get a train to the nearby village of St. Johann im Pongau, and then a bus or taxi on to Wagrain. You can also take a taxi directly from Salzburg airport, which takes around 45 minutes and cost approximately €25 per person when shared as a group (get in touch with other camp participants through our Facebook group).

    There is also a train from Munich to St. Johann, which is very easy to use and only takes a few hours.

    Or just grab a lift with one of the many Globetrotters that drive to the camp from all over Europe.

    What skiing and snowboarding equipment do I have to bring?
    You can rent all the basic equipment (skis, boards, boots, and helmets) at a local shop here. All camp participants get a discount, so this works out to be very good value. If you already have your own equipment, you can can of course bring that with you too.

    There are no shops in Wagrain that rent ski/snowboarding clothes (such as windproof jackets), so we recommend you bring all weather-appropriate clothing with you.

    Can you guarantee that there’ll be good snow conditions?
    Unfortunately not. The chances for good conditions are very, very high, since Wagrain is located in the Eastern Alps, and thus is colder and has a much better record of snow than places further west. But of course we can always end up being unlucky. In the unlikely event of that happening, we have other fun activities in the snow planned for everyone.

    I’ve never skied or snowboarded before. Can I still join?
    Sure! Many people who come to this camp have never set foot on a ski slope before, and our instructors are more than happy to show you the basics.

    Can I bring my significant other?
    Yes, absolutely, you are most welcome to do that. Please note, however, that if you stay at the camp venue your partner will have to pay the same ticket price, as our expenses are the same regardless if a guest trains or not.

    I’ll be nearby during the dates of the camp. Can I drop in for just one day / one class / one open mat?
    Unfortunately, this isn’t possible. The logistics of trying to keep track of day tickets for these camps would be a nightmare. Not to mention that if we allow one person to drop by, we have to allow everyone to drop by, and then we’d risk not having enough mat space for the people who actually paid for the full camp. Also, we often have a long waiting list for camp tickets, and it wouldn’t be fair to those people if we let someone skip the list and come for a day. Same deal for everyone! :-)

    Do you have female-only rooms or do you mix them?
    It depends on who signs up for the camp. If there are enough women to fill out a room, of course that will be our first priority. If not, we’ll have mixed rooms.

    Is there a minimum age for participation?
    You have to be at least 18 years old in order to attend the camp.

    What are the terms and conditions of the booking?
    Here you go.

    Where can I play Ski or Die online?


    If you have any questions or special inquiries, feel free to email us at mail@bjjglobetrotters.com and we’ll return to you right away!