BJJ Globetrotters Greenland Camp 2018

* From July 20th to 22nd 2018 *
* In Nuuk, Greenland *
* Free training camp in world’s most remote BJJ gym *
* Free accommodation *
* Warm-up camp for Iceland Camp *
* Sleep in tent, sports hall, or our friends’ homes *
* Night out in Nuuk w/ locals *
* See a whale, eat a whale *
* Freeze your fingers off… in the summer! *
* Everyone welcome, regardless of experience or affiliation *


Back in May 2016, we spent several days visiting, training, and running headfirst into needlessly cold oceans in Nuuk, Greenland. Originally it was just meant to be a private trip to help support the tiny but dedicated local grappling community, but at the last minute we opened it up and made it an official camp. Free training, free accommodation – all you had to do was get there. A handful of international Globetrotters heeded the call, and together we spent an unforgettable weekend rolling, exploring, whale-watching, swimming, watching UFC fights, eating blubber, and partying in one of the most sparsely populated and ruggedly beautiful countries on Earth.

In July 2018, we’re going back. And once again we’re putting out the call to any hardy Arctic souls willing to join us. Getting to Greenland takes time and planning, but we promise it will never be cheaper and easier than this.



“The first Greenland camp in May 2016 was announced on very short notice, but it only took me a few hours of checking flights and dates to decide this was something I had to do. Three weeks later I was stepping off a tiny plane in Nuuk – gi and a thankfully decent wind-proof jacket in hand. Over the next few days I rolled with locals and travellers alike, ate musk-ox jerky and whale skin, and charged headfirst into the -0.6°C sea with a group of similarly masochistic campers from 6 different countries. Truly a unique experience in a very unique place. Qujanaq to Christian for putting it together, and Jason for keeping us all well-fed while we were there!”
– Ruadhán, Ireland



The capital of Greenland, Nuuk has a population of just 17,000 people. Beer is notoriously expensive. Polar bears roam the streets at night. There is one purple belt in the entire country. It’s cold all year round. But just look at that photo. You want to go. You know it.

See you there.


The only BJJ club in all of Greenland, the guys at Inuit Martial Arts train in the local sports and fitness complex. The mat space there is small, but the training partners and their commitment to developing BJJ in this far-flung part of the world are second to none.

Depending on how many people join this adventure, we’ll either accommodate you in the homes of the local Jiu Jitsu guys or in a downtown sports hall. In the latter case, you may need to bring a sleeping bag and a roll-out mattress. Another option is to bring a tent and camp out in nature. It is literally only a short walk out of town.


In 2011, Christian Graugart embarked on a 141-day, 57,920km journey around the world, the end result of which was a book and an idea. After having met and rolled with such an incredible range of unique and interesting people in equally diverse and awe-inspiring places, Christian set out to recreate the experience of discovering new places and breaking down barriers through Jiu-Jitsu as often as possible.

As the founder of BJJ Globetrotters, he always strives to bring enthusiastic and friendly people together in some truly special locations. With the motto: everyone is equal, both on and off the mats.

A black belt under Robson Barbosa, Christian was the head coach at the world-famous in Copenhagen, Denmark for over a decade, and now leads the BJJ community on his new island home of St. Barth in the French West Indies.


Both the training and the accommodation at this camp are entirely free, but with one small condition. Since we’ll have to do a lot of organising in advance to ensure we have enough beds available, we’d really like to avoid people signing up and then ultimately not appearing. As such, we request that all interested attendees pay a $200 deposit to guarantee their place. You’ll get this deposit back in full once you fulfill one very special requirement in person at the camp… Bring your swim trunks!

Please note that jumping in the ocean in Greenland at the camp is the ONLY way to get your deposit back, no exceptions. Yes, we are serious.


“Greenland? I would have probably never thought to take a trip there on my own. I found out about the opportunity and looked up the flight prices at once, credit card in hand. I decided I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to visit and train in such an interesting and remote location. After arriving, seeing the country, and meeting the Greenlandic people, I couldn’t have been any more content with my decision. The training group in Nuuk is small, but welcoming. They are led by an awesome homegrown purple belt Jason and consist of a small group of locals that train hard. The family I stayed with all but adopted another globetrotter and myself. They provided more hospitality than I could have ever imagined. Of course the nature and culture in the area are good enough reasons to visit on there own merits, but throw in a handful of Globetrotters, and you’ve got a once in a lifetime experience. I recommend the Greenland camp to anyone who can make it. If you’re indecisive, take my word for it, and book your spot now”
– Craig, United States


Nuuk is surrounded by absolutely pristine wilderness on all fronts. Climb to the top of nearby Mt. Ukkusissat. Hike out to Sandnæs, the largest Norse settlement in medieval Greenland, dating from 1000 AD. Hop on a boat and take a whale-watching tour on the icy blue waters of Nuuk fjord. Or just go for an easy afternoon stroll to discover the old wooden cathedrals, quaint cafes, and historic fishing districts of the northernmost capital city in the world.

And since this ties in perfectly with the Iceland Camp, you can spend a few days in Greenland and then hop on a plane to Reykjavik just in time for a full week of training and Viking ale. Anyone up for an Arctic roadtrip?


We don’t have a schedule. We’ll just train, party and do cool stuff. And then we head to Iceland.


Three-day training camp
Wrestle a polar bear
Accommodation with locals / in tent / in sports hall

Reservation deposit $200
(To be returned only after having jumped in ocean in Greenland. We’re serious.)

Availability: SOLD OUT



Where is the camp?
The camp will be held at Nuuk Fitness, Sarfaannguit 4b, Nuuk 3900, Greenland.

How do I get there?
Almost all international flights to Greenland leave from either Reykjavik Keflavik (KEF), Reykjavik Domestic (RKV), or Copenhagen (CPH) airports, so you’ll have to get to one of them first.

From Reykjavik Domestic, you can fly directly to Nuuk. From Reykjavik Keflavik and Copenhagen, you’ll make a stopover at Kangerlussuaq (a smaller airport in Greenland) and then onwards to Nuuk.

Check out flights with the two airlines below. Note that some days don’t have flights, so just play around with the dates and see what you can find.

From Reykjavik Keflavik and Domestic:
From Copenhagen:

Regardless of how you get there, once you arrive at the airport in Nuuk we’ll pick you up and get you to the gym and your accommodation.

Is this camp really free?
Yes. Bring along some money for food, local transportation, and any day trips you want to do though! We also require all participants to jump in the ocean once.

Is a ticket to Iceland Camp included in this offer?
No, sorry – although this camp leads directly into the Iceland Camp, the two are entirely separate. If you’d like to join us there afterwards, please buy your ticket here.

Is it cold there?

What kind of electrical outlets and currency do they use?
Greenland is an autonomous constituent country within the Kingdom of Denmark, so they use the standard European 220v electrical outlets. You pay for everything with Danish kroner.

Will I have to roll with polar bears?
Very likely.

Is there a minimum age for participation?
You have to be at least 18 years old in order to attend the camp.


Feel free to email us if you have any questions!! We will get back to you right away :)