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* August 21-25, 2024 in Wagrain, Austria *
* One hour from Salzburg airport *
* Beautiful location in the middle of the Alps *
* Five days of training *
* Four nights accommodation *
* Families welcome *
* Daily class and open mat for kids *
* Yoga classes *
* All meals included *
* Daily workshops, lectures and movie nights *
* 24-hr free fruit and non-alcoholic beverages *
* Extra mat space for all-day open mat / drilling *
* Free laundry service for training gear *
* Free access to water park next door *
* Garden party with BBQ & beer on last night *



A familiar setting, but at a new time of year and with an entirely fresh set of possibilities! For this summer camp, we’re heading back to Wagrain for five days of training among the rolling hillsides that are now brilliantly green and ready for you to explore.
It is our only family-friendly camp of the year and we will have lots of Jiu Jitsu and activities for all ages!