Frequently Asked Questions


What is the BJJ Globetrotters?
A community of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioners of all levels from around the world, who agree on spreading a message of a non-political, open minded and positive approach to training and life.

Who is behind this?
The members are not following a single person, “professor” or lineage, so in a way, all the members are behind this. It was created by Christian Graugart, the author of “The Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Globetrotter“, who is also doing most of the work behind the scenes.

How do I get those cool patches?
You can get all of it in our online store.

What is your lineage?
BJJ Globetrotters is a collection of people, who believe in the same set of values. We are all equal on and off the mat, so we don’t follow one specific person, professor or lineage.


How do I become a member?
Just fill out this form and we will get back to you shortly.

What are the requirements for being an individual member?
Just agree to this:

  • We don’t pay each other any affiliation fees
  • We wear any patches we like on our gis
  • We are free to represent any (or no) team in competition
  • We encourage training with anyone regardless of affiliation
  • We are willing to promote anyone who deserves it—members or not
  • We arrange camps, seminars and visit each other for training and fun
  • We believe everyone is equal both on and off the mats
  • We strive to enjoy life, people and the world through Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Can I train in the affiliated academies as a member?
Yes, all travelers get one week of free training in all our affiliated academies around the world.

Is this free?
Absolutely. Always.

Do I have to wear your patch if I want to be a member / compete for you?
You can wear anything you want, including nothing at all (you should wear clothes, though).

Do I have to purchase your patches / rash guards / shorts / etc. to be a member?
No, it is 100% voluntary and we are totally fine with anyone being a member and never purchasing any of our stuff.

Can I be a member even if I belong to another team or academy already?
Of course, we don’t mind.

But I am a complete beginner, do you even want me on the team?
Unless you are a serial rapist, we also consider you a real human being, even if you are a white belt. So yes, you are more than welcome.

How do I sign up?
Just fill out the membership application form and we’ll get back to you. Please allow up to 2 weeks for the reply. We approve all applications manually and are traveling often.

How do I get in touch with other members?
If there are specific people on the the members list or academy list you are interested in getting in touch with,  please send us an email on and we’ll hook you up. You can also join our Facebook group or like our Facebook page.

Do I have to be a member, if I agree with your values and want to be friends with you?
No, we still want to be your friend ;-)


If I am a member, can I compete under the BJJ Globetrotters name?

Can you sign off my IBJJF membership form?
Please see this page.

What are the requirements for affiliated academies?
Our expectations are few and simple for those academies who want to join the Globetrotters:

  • Understand, follow and spread the values of BJJ Globetrotters
  • Welcome anyone to come train, regardless of affiliation, etc.
  • Never deny members to go train somewhere else
  • Let any visiting member of BJJ Globetrotters train one week for free (regular classes)




How do I sign up my academy for affiliation?
Send us an email at with a short description of your place, a logo (minimum 600 pixels wide) and a link to your website.

What is required to become an affiliated academy?
The requirements for the BJJ Globetrotters affiliated academies are few and simple:

  • Understand, follow and spread the values of BJJ Globetrotters
  • Welcome anyone to come train, regardless of affiliation, etc.
  • Never deny members to go train somewhere else
  • Give at least one week of for free training for traveling BJJ Globetrotters members

What does it cost to be affiliated with BJJ Globetrotters?
Nothing and it will stay like that forever.

Can you help me register my academy with the IBJJF?
Unfortunately not.

Can my affiliated academy use the BJJ Globetrotters logo for website, promotion material, etc.?
Yes, of course, as much as you like. As long as you don’t print any merchandise for the purpose of selling it (that includes coffee mugs, mousepads and ballpens of really bad quality). You can download a high resolution image file of the logo here.


How do I find out what camps you’re hosting?
Take a look at our camps page. You may also want to sign up for our newsletter to receive first announcements of new camps.

Do I have to be a member to join your camps?
No, everyone is welcome to participate.

What’s the age limit?
Depends on the camp, but usually 18 years old.

Can you tell me about camps that aren’t on your website yet?
As soon as a camp is confirmed, it will be announced here on our website. We prefer not to give out any dates or details before that, as there is always a risk of a camp not happening or being re-scheduled. And we don’t want people to plan / take time off work for a camp, that might not happen.

Can you please organize a camp in [location]?
There are many amazing places in the worlds that would be interesting for camps, but the main criteria for us is always enough mat space. If you know of a beautiful, accessible place with plenty of mats (for at least 100+ people), we would love to hear from you on If you want to know more about the decision process of selecting camp locations, read this blog post.


How do I get promoted?
BJJ Globetrotters does not enforce any framework for promotions within the affiliation. It is 100% up to the individual members. Check out the members list, maybe there is someone in your area, that you can contact who can help you evaluate your game.

What are your requirements for promotions?
BJJ Globetrotters is a community of many people from around the world. Those, who are in position to hand out belt promotions, have their own, individual requirements for doing such. As a community, we don’t enforce any rules on our members in terms of what they can do or how they can do it.

Can you promote me online via video or description of my skill level?

I think I deserve a promotion, but my own instructor is just not giving me that belt. Can you do it instead?
No. You will not find anyone who will promote other instructors students.

Is it possible to get evaluated for promotion at your camps?
If you don’t have an instructor yourself, the Council of Traveling Black Belts will be happy to give you a brutally honest evaluation of your level.

Can I be evaluated for promotion at a camp?
For those without a regular instructor to promote them, The Council of Traveling Black Belts can offer a brutally honest evaluations of skill level at our camps – no belt promotion guaranteed, naturally. If you’re interested in the opinion of the instructors at a camp, shoot us an email on and we’ll catch you on the mats for a few rolls :)

What’s up with all these questions about promotions?
I know, right?!?


What if I want to know more?
If you become a member, you will be signed up for our monthly newsletter. If you have any other questions, that this FAQ did not answer, feel free to shoot us an email at any time.