Training Camp terms and conditions

  • Your registration is to be considered as a contract between you and BJJ Globetrotters
  • After registration and payment of your camp fee, the camp fee is non-refundable. This means that we will not repay the fee to you even if you for some reason cannot make it to the camp. For information about ticket transfer and waiting list, please see this page. If you chose to sell your ticket to someone else, please give us a notice about this by email as soon as possible, so we can update our records. Please note that all camp tickets are non-refundable (but transferable). Consider a travel insurance if you want to secure your ticket in case you get injured, sick or similar. Take a look at www.BJJglobetrotters.com/insurance for one option or contact your local insurance company.
  • If you change your address, email address or telephone number after your registration, please inform us about your new contact information, so that we can keep you updated on everything related to the camp
  • In the event any of the instructor will have to cancel their participation at the camp, we will do our best to find a substitute. However, we will not offer to refund the registration fee.
  • BJJ Globetrotters is not responsible for any injuries that may happen during the camp. Please check with your personal insurance company if your insurance covers martial arts training, if you’d like.
  • BJJ Globetrotters is not responsible for any personal belongings at the camp, it’s up to each and everyone to keep their personal belongings safe.
  • We reserve the right to immediately and promptly exclude participants from the camp without refund, if they act aggressively or in other means greatly disturb the camp and the other camp participants. If this would happen, we would normally first issue a warning, but in serious cases (e.g. violence) we will exclude this person immediately from the grounds. However, we see this scenario as highly unlikely, based on the superb and welcoming atmosphere at previous camps.
  • When registering to the camp you automatically have agreed to the terms above for our camp.
  • Any children being born as a direct result of camp romances are required to be handed over to the BJJ Globetrotters management at the age of 15 in order work unpaid at the camps for two (2) consecutive years.