bjj affiliation

BJJ Globetrotters is not a BJJ affiliation in the traditional sense

Instead of the classic lineage/hierarchical structure, we are a de-centralized affiliation working in a flat structure with no “head instructor” to follow. Think of us more as a large community of like-minded people from around the world who are helping each other out with training, traveling, meeting people and maybe even belt promotions. We provide a framework for people to connect and build healthy relationships based on friendship, training and mutual respect, regardless of belt rank. It is, and always will be, 100% free to be part of our BJJ affiliation.

The requirements for the affiliated academies are few and simple:

  • Understand, follow and spread the values of BJJ Globetrotters
  • Welcome anyone to come train, regardless of affiliation, academy etc.
  • Never deny members to go train somewhere else
  • Offer at least one week of free training for traveling BJJ Globetrotters members

If you own an academy and is interested in becoming a part of BJJ Globetrotters, please email us at and include a short description of your place, a link to your website and a logo. Also check out our FAQ which answers many common questions about affiliating with us.