heidelberg camp bjj

* January 2-7 in Wagrain, Austria *
* Five nights / six days training camp *
* 70 km from Salzburg airport *
* Beautiful location in the middle of the alps *
* Six days of BJJ and skiing / snowboarding *
* Five nights accommodation *
* All meals included *
* Daily skiing and snowboarding lessons *
* Workshops, lectures and movie nights *
* 24 hr free fruit and non-alcoholic beverages *
* Extra mat space for all-day open mat / drilling *
* Free laundry service *
* Direct access to huge skiing area with 210+ km slopes *
* Free access to water park and sauna facilities next door *
* Afterski parties *
* All levels of BJJ and skiers welcome *



We’re kicking 2025 off in proper style, as we head back up to the towering white heights of the Austrian alps for our longest running camp. Now seven days of skiing, snowboarding, Jiu Jitsu, beer, schnitzel and a hotel full of fellow Globetrotters to share it all with. This year we have added an extra day to the camp!

Hope to see you there! :)




Nestled in a stunning alpine valley less than an hour’s drive from Salzburg airport, the charming little village of Wagrain (population of just over 3,000 people) has well and truly established itself as the location of choice for our Winter Camp. The entire valley is interlaced with hundreds of kilometres of world-class ski slopes suitable for all levels, from beginner to expert, and the village itself is a wonderfully romantic mix of quaint market squares and centuries-old houses.


The sheer amount of training, skiing/snowboarding, and socialising we manage to fit into the five days in this beautiful place is truly something special, and we can’t wait to get back there and have a fantastic experience together with a group of Globetrotters from all around the world.