iceland camp bjj

* From June 23rd to 28th, 2025 *
* In Reykjavík, Iceland *
* Six-day training camp in the largest grappling and MMA gym in the world *
* Classes all day long *
* Full use of all sauna, hot tub, ice bath and weight-lifting facilities *
* 45 minutes from Keflavik international airport *
* Vikings vs. Tourists Icelandic wrestling competition *
* Optional half day Golden Circle sightseeing trip *
* Final evening barbecue & party *
* Everyone welcome, regardless of experience or affiliation *



Train all day long in the largest grappling and MMA gym in the world. Choose whether you want to relax in the rejuvenating waters of a natural hot spring or surf the invigoratingly cold waves of the North Atlantic. Wrestle a Viking under the open sky and then retreat to the nearby tavern for a well-earned horn of ale.
Yes, we’re heading back to the Land of Ice and Fire for another week of training, exploring, and partying in one of the most stunningly beautiful places on Earth. Grab your drinking horn and gi (and glíma belt) and meet us there!