BJJ Globetrotters Fall Camp 2017

Fall Camp - 930x540

* Monday, August 21st to Saturday, August 26th *
* In Heidelberg, Germany *
* Beautiful town less than an hour from Frankfurt *
* Huge mat space near city center *
* Six days training camp *
* Top level instructors *
* Classes all day long *
* Affordable food option *
* Accommodation option directly at camp *
* Everyone welcome regardless of experience and affiliation *


We are always on the lookout for new, exciting locations to host our camp and we couldn’t help ourselves when we stumbled over this opportunity to have our first ever camp in beautiful Heidelberg, Germany.

We promise there will be plenty of matspace, training, beer and sauerkraut for everyone!



“8 months ago I was mindlessly browsing the Internet and stumbled across a link to a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu camp in the Austrian Alps. This was something I’d always wanted to do so I decided to use my student loan to book a flight, a few people in my life weren’t very happy about it at the time but I had a good feeling about it and I put my trust in it. Fast forward to this morning, lying on a beach in Thailand writing in my travel book, I’ve visited 14 different countries, met hundreds of amazing new people and I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. I love the BJJ Globetrotters team for all the incredible adventures, connections and memories I’ve made so far. If you make one investment in yourself this year, go try one of the camps. Come back next year and tell me it hasn’t changed your life ;)”
– Maddi, United Kingdom



The picturesque town of Heidelberg has a population of 150,000 where of roughly a quarter are students. The university there was founded in 1386 and is Germany’s oldest. But what really matters here is that we’ll bring 150-200 energetic BJJ Globetrotters there for a week at the most beautiful time of year, where we’ll do our best to exhaust every single roll and beer to be found in town.

(Tip: you might wanna take a few extra days off from work/school after you get back home)




We’ve booked a large sports hall near the University, where we’ll have lots and lots of mats laid out all week.

The address of the camp is Im Neuenheimer Feld 710, 69120 Heidelberg.

We also offer a meal plan as part of the camp that includes breakfast, lunch and dinner at the camp all six days for €150. With all the training going on, we wanna help you conveniently get the food you need without having to worry about going to the supermarket and cook all week. It’s healthy food and there will be plenty of it. If you are a vegetarian, please just let us know on!


“One week rolling around with 220 other BJJ-addicts sounds like a dream. Well it felt like a dream. Six days, 32 hours of training from top instructors from all over the world. The vibe during the week was awesome, everyone is here for one reason: to learn and have fun. I thought it was a bit scary to go by myself, but I’ve met so many cool people and made new friends. Some of them I still speak to everyday! As a girl sometimes it’s hard to find other girls to train with. So it was really nice to train with other girls for a week. Besides rolling around there was time to party! Some drinks and a lot of dancing. Or was it a lot of drinks and some dancing? There is only one downside of the camp: it leaves you with this unbelievable yearning that keeps you wanting more! This turnes into the famous PCB; post camp blues. Don’t tell me I didn’t warned you! I wish every day could be a globetrotter camp day.”
– Diana, The Netherlands



As always, we are bringing in top level instructors for our training camps, and we are working hard to do the same for this one. A few instructors to mention from our former camps are Alexander Trans, Tom Barlow, Keenan Cornelius, Clark Gracie, Sinistro Iturralde, Gianni Grippo, Oliver Geddes, Robson Barbosa, Royce Gracie and more. Gi and no-gi classes will be running every day from morning to evening, taught by a wide variety of black belts who all have their unique perspective on Jiu Jitsu. There will be more training than you can possibly handle in a week, so better bring your notepad :)

The BJJ Globetrotters camps are known for being full of friendly people from all over the world, who enjoy good training in a fun, relaxed and open-minded environment with a big emphasis on everyone being equal, both on and off the mats. White belts are real people too!

bjj training camp geddes keenan grippo


“To sum up the experience I had on the summer camp in one word, it would be AMAZING! The friendly, feel good environment is simply in comparable to any other. Being welcomed with open arms by students and coaches from all around the world has left me emotionally attached to the Globetrotters. The ‘high’ I felt during that week is some what addictive and I want more! I had expectations before I left for Europe, but I’m very happy to say that this camp has exceeded them all by far. If BJJ, making new friends and traveling are things you enjoy, then you have to do it (you will thank yourself, trust me!). One camp down… Many more to go! See you at the next camp.”
– Chris, Australia


More instructors to be announced!


Christian Graugart

  • From Saint Barthélemy, F.W.I.
  • Author of “The BJJ Globetrotter”
  • 2nd place IBJJF Europeans brown belt
  • IBJJF London Open black belt champion
  • Won’t lose beach volley tournament again

    1385201_10152370029691876_9049665397436942188_n10498112_10152114529406876_5460146462663847734_o1014542_10151422426506876_353982791_o (1)

  • morcegao

    David “Morcegao” George

  • From Burton on Trent, England
  • Ricardo de la Riva Black Belt
  • Multiple times British Champion
  • 3rd European ADCC qualifiers
  • Time Magazine person of the year 2006


  • benwestrich

    Ben Westrich

  • From Colorado, United States
  • Chris Haueter Black Belt
  • 10x Colorado State Champion
  • 11-0 MMA record (10 submissions)
  • Masters the upside down belt knot

    DoubleGoldGrandCanyon BenAndLarry 12042619_10153722304873462_7032171819644492336_n

  • priit

    Priit Mihkelson

  • From Tallinn, Estonia
  • BJJ black belt
  • Head coach 3D Treening, Estonia
  • 2nd place Nordic Open BJJ 2016
  • Never gets tired of “12 months” joke

    14311463_10209392585347508_6077945807565947773_o 14481776_10209575817848206_8146760516380282779_o 15167486_10210101752996256_6988784090008005880_o

  • Gareth McNamara

  • From Dublin, Ireland
  • Judo black belt
  • Former Irish Judo Champion
  • IBJJF World, European & Asian medalist
  • Will footsweep you using beer only


  • ifversen

    Christian Ifversen

  • From Copenhagen, Denmark
  • BJJ black belt
  • Instructor at
  • Won a medal once but we don’t remember
  • Secret editor of Globetr. newsletter

    23490_381753476875_623481_n 993519_518684201514691_625739334_n 13002421_1157918160909529_1485720409911108434_o

  • chad-wright

    Chad Wright

  • From Noosa, Australia
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt
  • Director of Infinity Martial Arts
  • Instigator of shirts-off parties
  • Russell Brand copied his look

    13320616_10104208415493471_1880693880335489777_o 14138154_303944109982081_4792595069794061737_o 15326239_357116341331524_2485749504532053298_o

  • steven

    Steven Antoniou

  • From Cyprus, Ireland and Sweden
  • BJJ Black Belt
  • Owner of Poseidon BJJ in Stockholm
  • Coach for the Swedish National Team
  • Sells bracelets on beach part time

    13557736_885828971544716_111567707828300205_n 11148754_10153308026478284_2820167779484857088_n 12246731_770366719757609_8249797979477134277_n

  • bruno matias bjj

    Bruno Matias

  • From Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • CBJJF World Champion 2007, ’08 & ’09
  • Brazilian no-gi National Champion 2012
  • IBJJF European Champion 2014
  • Most passionate dancer of camp


  • robson barbosa bjj camp

    Robson Barbosa

  • From Salvador, Bahia, Brazil
  • Triple NAGA Europe Champion
  • FILA World Champion
  • Multiple times Swedish Champion
  • Defies gravity on a daily basis



    caribbean-island-camp-2017-180x240 usa-camp-maine-2017-180x240-1 Copenhagen---180x240-SOLD-OUT summer-camp-180x240 Fall Camp - 180x240 Zen Camp 2017 - 180x240 Winter Camp 2018 - 180x240


    “If you are looking for an ultimate BJJ experience with open minded people who come from all around the world, this is it. No barriers, no politics, no religions, no race. We are all one.”
    – Roman, United Kingdom


    Will be announced closer to camp

    * Camp starts Monday around noon *
    * Daily training and open mat sessions from 10 am to 8 pm *
    * Last training will be a long open mat session on Saturday until around 2 pm *
    * Don’t leave Saturday unless you want to miss the camp party! (don’t miss the party) *
    * We are trying to make an equal amount of gi and no-gi classes *
    * You can arrive/leave early or late as you like *


    We have a limited number of simple double rooms available directly in the camp sports hall that you can book together with your ticket. Each 18 m2 room has two single beds, bathroom with shower, TV and wifi. These are €249 per person for six nights. Check in is 13:00 on Monday and check out is Sunday morning at 11 am.

    Alternatively, we recommend finding a place to stay in the Old Town (Altstadt), which is 15 minutes bicycle or bus ride from the camp. Check out AirBNB for lots of interesting apartments to rent or look up one of the hostels in town for budget accommodation.

    Please note that Heidelberg is a popular tourist destination in August so we recommend booking your accommodation early!


    “It’s really hard to describe the camp with a couple of sentences. The training part is awesome! Many great classes by great instructors and many amazing and egoless rolls with different people and different styles. On the last camp it was so amazing that I couldn’t stop train and ended up completely exhausted in a kind of delirium, but I can’t remember when I was feeling this alive and simply happy before. But it’s not all about the physical part. It’s much more! With the camps I got the chance to met so many great people on and off the mat with the same interests, same or similar lifestyle, with the same passion as me. Now I can’t wait for the next camp to see and roll with all my new friends again. If BJJ is your passion, you have to go to these camps. If BJJ is only your hobby, BJJ will be your passion after the camp.”
    – René, Germany



    Book your spot before July 1st and get a special Heidelberg Fall Camp edition of either our light weight travel gi or pearl weave competition gi for just €100 (normal price €150 and €185). You can pick any color of the gi (blue, white, black, brown or gray) and it will have a special design just for this camp.

    BJJ Globetrotters Travel gi version 2
    * Special Fall Camp 2017 design *
    * Available in blue, white, black, brown and gray *
    * Super light ripstop jacket and pants *
    * From just 1.1 kg *
    * Perfect to bring for traveling *
    * Separate large BJJ Globetrotters patch *
    * Regular price €150 *
    * Special camp pre-order price €100 *
    BJJ Globetrotters Competition Gi
    * Special Fall Camp 2017 design *
    * Available in blue, white, black and gray *
    * High quality, 100% cotton 550GSM pearl weave jacket *
    * 10 oz canvas pants *
    * IBJJF competition legal *
    * Separate large BJJ Globetrotters patch *
    * Regular price €185 *
    * Special camp pre-order price €100 *

    Pre-order with your camp registration and you can pick it up at the camp and pay in cash there. Binding, gentleman agreement :)


    Six days unlimited training camp

    Daily breakfast, lunch and dinner +€150
    Six nights in sports hall double rooms (single beds) with toilet, shower & wifi +€249

    AVAILABILITY: MEDIUM (More than half of tickets sold)


    Terms and conditions



    Where is the camp?
    The address of the camp is Im Neuenheimer Feld 710, 69120 Heidelberg.

    How do I get there?
    Nearest airport is Frankfurt (FRA), which is roughly an hours drive from Heidelberg. You can rent a car (roadtrip with other campers?), take the airport shuttle (€25) or a bus (€10). Either way, it’s easy to get there.

    What day do I need to arrive / leave?
    Come any day you like! We start training Monday morning, but you don’t have to be there at that point. If you don’t wanna miss out on anything, we recommend you arrive Sunday evening and leave again the next Sunday.

    I’m a complete beginner, can I still join?

    Where do the participants come from?
    All over the world.

    What language will the classes be taught in?
    All classes are in English.

    Is it possible to do private lessons with the instructors?
    Yes, please talk with the instructors directly to make an appointment.

    I only train with/without the gi, will there be enough training for me?
    Yes! We promise there will be more classes than you can possibly handle in a week.

    Will I be allowed to film during the camp?
    Always ask the instructor if it is ok with him, before you film the class.

    What kind of food are you serving?
    Different food every day, but basic stuff like meat, rice, vegetables, salad, bread, etc.

    Is there an option for vegetarian food?
    Yes! Please just let us know on

    Is it possible to test for belt promotion?
    Saturday at the end of the camp, there will be a little (informal) ceremony to celebrate the end of the camp. Since some of you attending the camp don’t have an instructor on a daily basis, that can evaluate and promote you, it will be possible to “sign up” for this at the camp. This is how it works:

    1) You promise that you don’t have another instructor that are waiting to promote you
    2) You send an email to with a note, that you are interested in evaluation for belt promotion. Include a short resumé of your training amount/time, competition experience, etc.
    3) Along the camp, we will roll and talk with you as much as we can, and then evaluate if you are up for promotion.
    4) Don’t try to prove anything in sparring (especially when the coaches are watching). We are looking at technical level, experience and behaviour on the mat, not how tough you are :)
    5) You may or may not be promoted. The standards are high, and no guarantees are given… of course :)

    What are the terms and conditions for the event?
    Please visit this page :)



    Feel free to email us if you have any questions!! We will get back to you right away :)