TRAILER: The Gentle Art of Travel | BJJ Globetrotters documentary

Episode 16: Heather quit her office job, bought an old VW bus, drove it across the US to train BJJ

    Episode 15: Ordering pizza online for Valerie who got stuck in Kazakstan’s pandemic quarantine

      Episode 14: A long walk on the beach with Ben Westrich for a talk about IBJJF, hierarchies & belts

        Episode 13 – How Priit from Estonia suddenly became one of the world’s most sought after instructors

          Episode 12: Becoming an instructor at the BJJ Globetrotters camps

            Episode 11: The story of the BJJ Globetrotters camps, 2018 review and 2019 preview

              Episode 10: The BJJ Globetrotters Boat – About following a crazy dream, failing and then try again

                Episode 9: Mike & Rebecca – A life of adventure, frugality and planned uncertainty

                  Episode 8: How to sail the world on cruise ships to train BJJ, roll with strangers when traveling

                    Episode 7: How to travel off the beaten path—from Caribbean to Arctic Circle with Ruadhán MacFadden

                      Episode 6: Taking six months off work to go on a Jiu Jitsu trip across the USA with two kids

                        Episode 5: Growing up in the favela and starting a new life in Europe + how to be an entrepreneur

                          Episode 4: The BJJ Globetrotter of the year, Robert Barker

                            Episode 3: Caribbean Island Camp

                              Episode 2: Alexander Trans on fear and competition

                                Episode 1: Leaving everything behind and starting an academy in Taiwan

                                  Teaser for BJJ Globetrotters documentary