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Featured traveller: Anna Fischer – BJJ Globetrotters

Age: 28 Belt: Blue Profession: I’m studying Plant Sciences at the University of Helsinki. How many years in BJJ: 5 Other martial arts: I’ve trained Krav Maga for 3 years. Where do you live: Helsinki, Finland Where are you from: A small village in the south of Germany Other fun or curious information you would […]

Featured affiliated academy: Lake Atitlán BJJ Guatemala

Where is the gym located? San Marcos, Lake Atitlán, Guatemala (Locally we organize under the umbrella name “KEFI Collective” as a way to brand ourselves beyond just “the dudes who do Jiu-Jitsu.” Makes it easier to find us when you’re in the area. But for all intents and purposes, “Lake Atitlan BJJ” works just as […]

Featured traveller: Nathan Featherstone – BJJ Globetrotters

Age: 33 Belt: Purple Profession: Martial arts and fitness coach How many years in BJJ: 12 (with time off due to injuries and lockdowns) Other martial arts: Irish stick fighting (Doyle and Antrim style), Dog Brothers martial arts, Collar and Elbow wrestling. Previously karate, boxing, muay thai, MMA, Judo, HEMA, and capoeira. Where do you […]

Featured Camp Instructor: Paul Urbanik – BJJ Globetrotters

Paul Urbanik – BJJ Globetrotters Age: 35 Belt:  Blackbelt in Luta Livre (brazilian catch wrestling) Blackbelt in BJJ Profession: Teacher for Mathematics, Physics, IT Started training (year): Started my grappling journey 2008 City/country: Paderborn, Germany   Main achievements in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu: It’s hard to say. There were some competition results that I’m quite happy […]

Featured affiliated academy: Pirate BJJ, USA

Where is the gym located? Pirate BJJ 312 Palmer Road, Suite A Madison, AL 35758 USA How many people train there? Currently we have 30 kids training and 9 adults, hoping to continue to grow both the adult and kid classes. Is the gym growing – if so by how many new members each month […]

Featured Camp Instructor: Stevie Antoniou – BJJ Globetrotters

Stevie Antoniou – BJJ Globetrotters Age: 28 Belt: Black Profession: Photographer and wilderness guide Started training (year): 2008 City/country: Stockholm/Sweden   Main achievements in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu:  I have medals from ‘’back in the day’’ but I haven’t competed in years.   Which Globetrotters camps have you attended: I’m at 19 camps now so pretty […]

Featured Traveller: Matt McDonald – BJJ Globetrotters

Age: 36.9 Belt: Purple Profession: My background is in software engineering, and currently I’m working on a property maintenance company and rehabbing ugly houses. How many years in BJJ: 4.5 years, with some time off for injuries. Other martial arts: I wrestled in high school, where I won the superlative award for Best Catwoman Costume. […]