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Featured Camp Instructor: Sebastiaan Munter – BJJ Globetrotters

Sebastiaan Munter – BJJ Globetrotters Age: 46 Belt: 1st degree blackbelt Profession: Physical Education / Self defense teacher at a school for security attendents Started training (year): Way back in 2001 City/country: Heemskerk, The Netherlands   Main achievements in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu: Several times Dutch champion in white-, blue- and purple belt. But nothing big. […]

Featured affiliated academy: Sociedad Secreta, BJJ Ecuador

Where is the gym located? Sociedad Secreta BJJ gym is located on Jacinto Dávila and Tnte. Hugo Ortíz streets in downtown Puyo, a beautiful city in the Ecuadorian Amazon. Its warm weather, breathtaking landscapes, and tourist attractions like rivers and waterfalls create the perfect setting to be in contact with nature and BJJ. How many […]

Featured Traveller: Eveleen (Eevie) Soroko – BJJ Globetrotters

Age: 36 Belt: Purple Profession: Full Time: Maintenance Logistics Supervisor for V2X (Contractor) Part Time: Army Reserve Officer (CPT- Captain in US Army, Commander for the 530th MCT – Movement Control Team). How many years in BJJ: 10 years total thus far, and until the grave for me now. Other martial arts: 20 years in […]

Featured affiliated academy: SBG Orkney, BJJ Scotland

Where is the gym located? St Mary’s, Orkney Islands. How many people train there? 25-30 current active members. Is the gym growing – if so by how many new members each month or year? Yes, but slowly. Approximately one new member every month or two. What are the highest and lowest belt grades training? The […]