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Affiliated academies

BJJ Globetrotters is not an affiliation in the traditional sense. Instead of the classic lineage/hierarchical structure, we are a de-centralized affiliation working in a flat structure with no “head instructor” to follow. Think of us more as a large community of like-minded people from around the world who are helping each other out with training, traveling, meeting people and maybe even belt promotions. We simply provide a framework for people to connect and build healthy relationships based on friendship, training and mutual respect, regardless of belt rank.

The requirements for the BJJ Globetrotters affiliated academies are few and simple:

– Understand, follow and spread the values of BJJ Globetrotters
– Welcome anyone to come train, regardless of affiliation, etc.
– Never deny members to go train somewhere else
– Offer at least one week of free training for traveling BJJ Globetrotters members

It is, and always will be, 100% free to affiliate with us. If you own an academy and is interested in becoming a part of BJJ Globetrotters, please email us at membership@bjjglobetrotters.com and include a short description of your place, a link to your website and a logo. Also check out our FAQ which answers many common questions about affiliating with us. Affiliated academies also qualify for wholesale discounts on all our products.

Sportschule Wolff

Stuttgart, Germany www.facebook.com/groups/102949069760854

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Seaway Academy of Martial Arts

Ontario, Canada www.seawayacademy.ca

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Fighting Fit Stone Gym

Staffordshire, United Kingdom www.facebook.com/fightingfitstone

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Jay Pages Jiu Jitsu & MMA

Tempe, AZ, USA www.jpjiujitsu.com

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Pantera Fighter

Osnabrück, Germany www.panterafighter.de

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Combat Athletics Gym

Coventry, United Kingdom www.coventrymma.com

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BJJ Hanoi

Hanoi, Vietnam www.facebook.com/BJJHanoi

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Bully Team

Sofia, Bulgaria bullyteam.blogspot.com

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Polar Bear Team

Kovrov, Russia

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Academia Se-An-Do

Leova, Moldova www.se-an-do.com

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Combat Base Bolton

Bolton, United Kingdom www.combatbasebolton.co.uk

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Creonche Gym

Moscow, Russia capoeiranaveia.ru/2012-03-22-00-53-24.html

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Copenhagen, Denmark. www.CSA.dk

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