BJJ Globetrotters Castle Camp 2018

* In Umbria, Italy *
* From May 3rd to 7th, 2018 *
* Two hours from Rome & 15 minutes from Perugia airport *
* Four nights, five days VIP training camp *
* Exclusive use of 8th-century abbey *
* Maximum 20 guests *
* 2x free tickets for any other European summer camps included *
* Unlimited private BJJ lessons included *
* Free travel gi included *
* Free transport from/to Rome or Perugia airports *
* Private chef on site *
* All meals included *
* Gala dinner, pizza party, pasta party and BBQ party *
* Fresh ice-cream kiosk *
* Water, soft drinks, and some alcoholic drinks included *
* Vehicles available for day trips and excursions *
* Laundry service *
* Everyone welcome, regardless of experience or affiliation *


Right from the very beginning, we’ve always said that we wanted to hold our camps in as wide and varied a range of locations as possible. Never taking the easy or predictable route as we explore the world and its infinite array of cultures, histories, and hidden corners. We’ve paddle-boarded in the forests of Maine, eaten musk-ox jerky on the frigid coasts of Greenland, swam in the secluded coves of Caribbean islands, and lounged in hammocks under the stars of a Zen sky… but never before have we booked an entire castle.

Until now.



According to local lore, the Abbey of San Nicolo Di Campolongo was founded by the Lombards in the 8th century. Throughout the hundreds of years since then, it’s remained a bastion of stone and wood overlooking tranquil forests, gardens, and olive groves, and nowadays serves as a modern, renovated refuge for guests seeking peace and comfort amidst the vibrant beauty of the Umbrian countryside.

For this camp, we have the entire castle to ourselves. The main residence with its stunning views out over the valley, the terrace where we plan to lay down mats and have some of the most architecturally impressive rolls in history, the 22m open-air swimming pool, the dining hall where we can relax and enjoy some fine Italian food and wine after training – everything

Due to the exclusive nature of this historic building, the numbers for this camp will be strictly limited to a total of 20 guests only.

“I’ve done a bunch of these camps, large and small, and honestly I won’t take any other kind of vacations anymore. Christian has an exceptional talent for creating an amazing atmosphere; it’s way more than just the Jiu Jitsu – the camps become this instantly tight-knit community of practitioners and you end up finding a ton of other like-minded people right away, on and off the mats. You want to train hard? No problem. You want to take it easy one day and then go out and sample the local beers? Easy. You want to scale radio towers and get kicked out of your hostel? Christian’s got your back. And there are usually a bunch of other activities on offer (like skiing/snowboarding at winter camp or the pub crawl in Leuven)”
– Sean, United States


The main living area is located right in the heart of the castle, and features a state-of-the-art open kitchen, a log fire, a TV, an X-Box with games, a reading corner, bathrooms, and a laundry room. Right beside this are separate luxury apartments, each with a master bedroom, individual kitchen, and private bathroom. Wi-fi is available in both the main living area and the apartments.

All food and drink is included in the price of the camp. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be served every day in the dining area of the castle, all using fresh ingredients procured locally and prepared by our private chef on site. Water and soft drinks are available for free 24 hours a day, and there’ll even be complimentary alcoholic drinks (within reason) over dinner. Every evening, we’ll have a different, special theme for the dinner.

At all times throughout the camp, we’ll have a private staff of 4 people ready to help you out with anything you might need.


This is as unique as it gets. We’ll be making use of some outdoor mat space on the terrace, and holding all our classes and open mats right there as the forest stretches out before us. If it happens to rain, we’ll just move the mats inside the millennium-old church and train there instead.

In keeping with our monastic surroundings, the theme for the training at this camp is: focus. Each day we’re going to hold a single lesson followed by an extended sparring session, allowing you to really focus on and refine the unique aspects of your game among a small and highly select group of training partners.

Unlimited private lessons are included in the price of camp, giving you the opportunity to study with a black belt instructor at any time of the day you choose. You decide what you want to learn, when you want to learn it. If those sprawling 250-person open mats don’t happen to be your thing, then this is exactly the camp for you :-)

“It felt a bit like being in Matrix the Movie. I’ve seen quite a few camps, but the way Christian teaches is truly unique. Instead of focusing on technique after technique (that you’ll never implement in your game anyways), he teaches solid concepts and shortcuts to success. The Camp disrupted my understanding of BJJ and improved my game by at least 300%. I wish somebody had taught me BJJ like that before.”
– Christian, Germany


This is by far the most exclusive and VIP camp we’ve ever held, and we feel it’s only right to mark the occasion with a truly unique offer. So if you buy a ticket to this camp, you’ll also get a ticket for any two of the other European camps in the summer of 2018 entirely free (not including food or accommodation).

As for which of those camps you get the free tickets for… well, that’s entirely up to you! Let this extraordinary experience open the door to whatever little corner of the world you’d like to explore next. Consider it the BJJ Globetrotters version of frequent-flyer miles ;)

(* Camps not included in this offer: Zen Camp, USA Camp and Caribbean Island Camp)


Vehicles will be available for day trips and excursions throughout the camp, so at any point you can head off and discover the Renaissance churches, cafes, and markets of one of the many villages that dot this particularly beautiful section of the central Italian landscape. And every night we have a different gourmet meal planned – a gala dinner, a pizza party, a pasta party, and a BBQ party, all prepared in the castle kitchen by our private chef.

With the location near Rome and many other beautiful and interesting places, you could easily extend your trip for the camp and spend some extra days exploring and sightseeing.


In 2011, Christian Graugart embarked on a 141-day, 57,920km journey around the world, the end result of which was a book and an idea. After having met and rolled with such an incredible range of unique and interesting people in equally diverse and awe-inspiring places, Christian set out to recreate the experience of discovering new places and breaking down barriers through Jiu-Jitsu as often as possible.

As the founder of BJJ Globetrotters, he always strives to bring enthusiastic and friendly people together in some truly special locations. With the motto: everyone is equal, both on and off the mats.

A black belt under Robson Barbosa, Christian was the head coach at the world-famous in Copenhagen, Denmark for over a decade, and now leads the BJJ community on his new island home of St. Barth in the French West Indies. Here at this ultra-private and luxurious retreat in the heart of Italy, he’ll be your personal guide to whatever aspects of your Jiu-Jitsu you want to work on.

“My body arrived home from the globetrotter camp 3 days ago, but my mind and heart are still there. From the moment Jonas picked me up at the airport to the second Christian dropped me back off, the week was full of positive vibes from amazing people. Everybody was so generous in sharing their time, experiences and knowledge, that it began to feel real comfortable, real quick. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity, that will morph into a lifetime of opportunities. Thanks Christian”
– Jeff, Canada


The final schedule will be published closer to the start of the camp.



Everything is included in the price of this camp. Everything. A gi of your choice will be shipped to the camp so it’s ready for you when you arrive. You can pick any gi from our online store, we will ask you which one you’ve decided on once we’ve gotten your ticket booking.


Five days exclusive training camp
Unlimited private lessons
All meals included
Airport transfers
Free gi
2x tickets for other camps of summer 2018
Laundry service


Availability: SOLD OUT

Terms and conditions


Where is the camp?
The address of the camp is Badia San Nicolo Di Campolongo, 20 Vocabolo Pioppo, 06029 Valfabbrica PG, Italy.

How do I get there?
All you have to do is fly to either Perugia (PEG), Rome Ciampino (CIA), or Rome Fiumicino (FCO) airport, and we’ll take it from there. Let us know your arrival time, and we’ll pick you up and bring you to the camp (and back again afterwards).

Since we only have a limited number of vehicles to collect people with, we ask that all camp participants try to arrive and leave on the same days – i.e. fly in on May 3rd and fly out on May 7th. Or add a few extra days of exploring Rome or other parts of Italy before and/or after the camp? :)

Tip: Perugia airport is much closer than the Rome airports to the camp (22km vs. 200km), so we really recommend that you fly there if you can.

If I fly to Rome a few days in advance, can you pick me up from my hotel or somewhere else in the city?
Sorry, but since we don’t have that many vehicles available for getting people to the camp, the transfer service for Rome will only run from and to the airports. You can of course fly in in advance if you like, but you’ll have to go back out to the airport on May 3rd if you’d like to make use of the transfer.

Since Perugia is much closer to the camp, we might be able to pick you up somewhere in town there on May 3rd, but it depends on the availability of the vehicles. Please check with us in advance to see if this is possible.

Can I drive to the castle myself?
Yes, if you want to rent a car at the airport, or drive from elsewhere in Europe, you can certainly make your own way to the castle. There are plenty of parking spaces available. Just please make sure to only arrive on May 3rd.

You mentioned that two free tickets to the other summer camps are included in the cost. How do I get this?
Once you’ve bought your ticket for the Castle Camp, just send us an email at and let us know which one of those upcoming camps you’d like to go to. Make sure you do this in plenty of time to ensure that your chosen camps don’t sell out first!

Also, please note that the tickets cannot be sold or transferred to other camps afterwards.

Do the free tickets also cover the accommodation and food plans for the camps I choose?
No, sorry – just the entry to the camps!

What can I spend my time on apart from training?
There are plenty of hiking trails that wind their way out into the surrounding countryside from the castle, so if you need a break from the mats you can easily just spend a few hours exploring the forests and fields. There are plenty of books available to read in the main living area, as well as a TV and an X-Box.

And if you have a few extra days on your hands, the wider region of Umbria is a paradise of hills, valleys, and historical towns, like Perugia (an important university centre dating from at least the 3rd century BC), Assisi (a UNESCO World Heritage site filled with Franciscan churches and medieval castles), and the tiny hamlet of Cospaia – which was accidentally granted independence and existed as a separate republic from 1140 to 1826.

Where can I wash my training gear?
We’ll take care of all your laundry – training gear and everything else.

Can I stay at the castle before or after the camp?
No, sorry – the castle is only available for the nights of the camp.

Is there a minimum age for participation?
You have to be at least 18 years old in order to attend the camp.