Danish Carsten Schau Andersen reports from trip to Chicago

Work sent me to Chicago which gave me the opportunity to train there. With the help of Christian Graugart I managed to find two gym to train in. Valko BJJ and Force Jiu-Jitsu.

Valko BJJ was very difficult to find, but I was lucky to ask one of the members for direction. He showed me around the gym and introduced me to Jay, the gym owner. We did some warm up drills and practiced some techniques. I picked up a few good details, which I’ve been working on since. The sparring was very nice. I sparred with some talented guys and girls.
Later that week I also joined a Judo class at Valko BJJ. I had a really good time there. I was throwing people around while they played Nephew – again and again and… (Danish band) on the radio. The timing was perfect. ;)
The other gym I wanted to try out was in the suburb of Chicago. It was not possible for me to go there by public transportation. Tristan, a black belt from the gym, picked me up at my hotel. That was very nice of him and made it possible for me to train with Force Jiu-Jitsu.
Here we started with a warm-up and some guard and take-down drills. Then we repeated some techniques they had practices for some time. Again I’ve brought home a few details, which I am still working on to implement in my game. The last part of the training was the sparring and I almost managed to roll with every one. Tristan pulled a very nice submission, which I’ve been using at every training back home ;)

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Thanks to everyone of you for training with me.