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Episode 20: The 10th anniversary of BJJ Globetrotters!

It’s been 10 years since I sketched out a logo for a patch idea and BJJ Globetrotters came into existence. We celebrate that with a special episode where community members are “calling in” from many corners of the earth to leave a message or story for the podcast. The first mention of BJJ Globetrotters on […]

Episode 15: Ordering pizza online for Valerie who got stuck in Kazakstan’s pandemic quarantine after taking up a controversial offer to go teach Jiu Jitsu there

Valerie Jean took up a much controversial offer on the Members of BJJ Globetrotters Facebook group to fly to Kazakstan and teach Jiu Jitsu, all inclusive. Those who were nervous for her to get stuck there indefinitely, had probably not imagined that would actually happen because of a world wide pandemic. After many unsuccessful attempts […]

Episode 14: A long walk on the beach with Ben Westrich for a talk about IBJJF, hierarchies, belt promotions and other weird things. [Quarantine special]

Quarantine special! The first in a series of podcast episodes I’ll be recording while under lockdown due to the Corona virus. I can’t record at home, so I took a long walk on the beach and called my friend Benjamin Westrich for a talk about IBJJF, belt promotions, hierarchies and other weird things that humans […]