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Freiburg, Germany — Living and working in Europe presented me with many opportunities for weekend trips. Compared to the United States and Australia, weekend getaways to different cities and even new countries were easily manageable in Europe. I could simply leave either Friday evening or Saturday morning after work and return Sunday night. One of the destinations over the course of several weekend trips was Freiburg where I had an opportunity to train at ExitAsia one Saturday morning.

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Freiburg, located on the western edge of the Black Forest and parts of the upper Rhine valley, is a picturesque city known for its medieval town. With its miniature water channels and cobble-stone squares, Freiburg is full of history. However, it is not only the history that makes Freiburg so attractive. The city is home to one of Germany’s oldest and reputable universities, which adds to its appeal. Despite the destruction during World War II, the city retains several impressive historical structures. Food, beer, and the Black Forest within the area make Freiburg one of the most unique cities in Germany worth visiting.

ExitAsia is a martial art school offering a variety of disciplines including Kickboxing and Muay Thai. The Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Team is led by Mateo Bernhard who received his BJJ Black Belt from Olavo Abreu of Phuket Top Team in 2018. Having its direct lineage under Professor Olavo Abreu, ExitAsia’s grappling team is heavily connected to Phuket Top Team in Thailand and instructors frequently visit Phuket to train.

ExitAsia is one of the largest academies in southern Germany, and I was impressed by the two-story facility when I walked in. With a boxing ring on the first floor and a wide-open grappling mat next to an MMA cage on the upper floor, the academy has everything you need for combat training. The day of my visit happened to be a special seminar day that grapplers from the surrounding regions in Germany gathered to work on the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu German national team. Although we did not speak the same language, I was blown away by the welcoming atmosphere at the academy. Instructors and students did an incredible job to make me feel included in their community. From Professor Mateo’s detailed class focused on the variation of single-leg takedowns to chances to roll with high-level active competitors in Germany, my experience at ExitAsia was nothing but positive.

With ExitAsia’s superior facility combined with high-level training, the academy will provide you with a great experience. Before or after exploring Freiburg’s old town and the Black Forest, stop by at ExitAsia, and you will not regret it. Thank you, Mateo and Björn for an amazing experience in Freiburg!

Location & Facility
ExitAsia is located approximately 20-minutes away via public transportation from Freiburg’s old town. The training facility is equipped with a variety of exercise equipment including an MMA cage, a boxing ring, and a spacious grey mat space for grappling. (Google Map: Link)

ExitAsia offers classes from Mondays to Fridays and typically three grappling classes are offered on those days. From BJJ to Muay Thai, the academy has a class for everyone. The academy’s most recent schedule is posted below:

Visitor Pass
ExitAsia is one of the BJJ Globetrotters affiliated academies, and there is no charge for visitors. However, it is always courteous to reach out to the gym before your visit.

Miscellaneous — ExitAsia’s Website

Things to do

  • Freiburger Münster — Freiburg’s awe-inspiring minster took almost 300 years to complete. This incredible Gothic structure reaches 380 feet into the sky and hanging inside are 19 bells, which the oldest dates back to 1285. Although Freiburg was heavily bombed in 1944, the church suffered little damage.
  • Münsterplatz — Surrounded by beautiful buildings, Münsterplatz is the largest square in the city and is home to the Freiburg market. On both sides of the cathedral, local vendors sell vegetables, flowers, and even tasty local wursts. From the blazing-red historic Merchant’s Hall to cafes, it is a scenic square to spend time getting lost in Freiburg.
  • Schauinsland — As Freiburg is nestled at the base of the German Black Forest, hiking is only steps away from the historic Old Town. Its name literally means “Look at the land” in German, and the mountain lives up to its name. The summit offers magnificent views in all directions over the Black Forest and the Rhine Valley. One of the best ways to reach the summit is by the Schauinsland Cableway, but you can also drive up.
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