Will you host Halldor from Iceland on your couch / mat? :)

In the past, when people heard that the Vikings of the Northern countries were coming to visit, they knew that raping and pillaging of their little villages were inevitable. Things have changed, and the once so blood-thirsty blondes have put all that jazz behind them. These days, they can be pleased with a couch and a mat to roll on, can you believe it.


Halldór is a young, talented blue belt from Iceland, who is embarking on a BJJ globetrotting trip right after New Year. He is planning on traveling a bit around the UK first, then moving on to New York and from there, anything can happen.


He is looking for couches to sleep on and mats to train on, and that’s where you might be able to help out. If you are anywhere in the area of where he is going, feel free to invite him over. See it as a kind of guarantee that your town will not be burned and your neighbours will not be slaughtered by axes?

On a sidenote, he is a cool kid with great jits and a big smile. Help him out! You can contact him on his email [email protected] or on Facebook.

If you see this view, get ready to shit your pants.

If you see this view, get ready to shit your pants.

This could be you. If you don't invite Halldór.

This could be you. If you don’t invite Halldór.