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San Diego to Las Vegas

San Diego was a great experience…. We loved everything about it. The Training, Weather, People, Beaches and the overall vibe of San Diego was awesome. The last couple of days we spent getting some more jiu-jitsu sessions in at Gracie south bay and Victory MMA. We spent some time relaxing it Balboa park and let […]

San Diego Week 2 ……..The RETURN!

So today we are having an afternoon off…….it has been a BIG week…..and a bit! We started off the week with doing the school work ritual with the kids. We have managed to get into a good rhythm now with this and are enjoying watching the kids develop with their learning. I still don’t think […]

San Diego Week 1

We arrived in San Diego a week ago today!! Driving in from LA it reminded us a lot of Perth – green lawns and more houses than apartments. We took the afternoon to settle into our Airbnb and do some food shopping at the local market Ralphs. The kids love our accommodation as it has […]

Los Angeles week 2 – Dee

Well we are at the end of our time in LA, as we will head down to San Diego on Monday, after a quick stop in Anaheim to visit Disneyland. Our time in LA feels to have passed very quickly, I am sure I will be saying this statement I few times over our trip […]

Welcome to America…Los Angeles Week 1

The time had come… On Tuesday night we were all packed up and managed to get everything into 3 bags under 23kg. We made the trip to the airport said our goodbyes to Dee’s Mum and we’re off. The first leg of the trip, the red eye to Brisbane was quite a long one. The […]

Perth – The best and worst start to the trip

First the Good So we started out the trip with the drive that we have done so many times I have lost count…..The 1194 kilometer drive from Newman to Perth is rather uneventful apart from the odd kangaroo trying to become a hood ornament. The trip began with the 3am wake up and it mainly […]

Clevey Williams Visit -5/5/17 – Newman WA

We were lucky enough to be graced with a visit to Newman from a good friend of mine Cleve Williams. I met Cleve around Feb 2009 on one of my training trips to the Submission Factory in Perth Western Australia. At the time Cleve was a Purple belt and had just returned to training after […]

Countdown is on……But Why?

So as time ticks down……11 weeks..2 days..21 hours..31 minutes..30,29,28 Seconds! until we leave for 163 days of adventure, But who’s counting right? I start to reflect on what as lead to this decision of why we decided to go on this journey. A quick look into our training history may give some insight into this. Its October […]