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Back in Australia – Perth WA

So, I started writing this blog a few weeks ago on our return but got so caught up returning to our “normal” life I kept forgetting to finish it. Our journey back to Western Australia would see us stopover in Sydney to go through customs and board our connecting flight to Perth, unfortunately our flight […]

Hawaii – Maui, Oahu and Jiu-Jitsu

So, the time had come for the last stage of the trip, we had planned from the start that we were going to do a stop in Hawaii on the way back to relax…. and train?. Leaving the mainland, I was a little disappointed that we were on the last leg of the trip but […]

San Francisco and the Ralph Gracie Academy

We left LA and planned to head up along the coast the whole way to San Francisco over 2 days. We started the drive and headed trough Malibu only to be turned around and had to take the back roads due to an accident on the road. Once back on the Coast road again we […]

Los Angeles… Second time around

We headed back up to Los Angeles with the plans to stay around 4 days and get some more training in that we missed on our first visit. Before leaving San Diego we sent out a few messages and enquires to some places that we wanted to train at. Unfortunately, we didn’t get much of […]

San Diego… back we go again.. Round 2

Arriving back in San Diego was almost like coming home, as we had been here almost 5 months ago. I was very excited to be back as the last time we were here I was nursing a serious rib injury that prevented me from really training the way I wanted to here. The whole focus […]

Seattle…. Back to training!!

The drive through Washington State to Seattle was beautiful! We had no real idea what to expect when we arrived as to be honest we had not done much research on Seattle. The only real plan we had was to go and train with Brian Johnson at North West Jiu-Jitsu, John Will had mentioned to […]

Yellowstone …….. Well sort of :(

We headed north from Colorado to try and see Yellowstone National Park before it closed for the season. We had around 4 days until it was scheduled to shut so we jumped in the car and headed to Jackson Hole. Unfortunately, the night before we had grabbed a pizza after trick or treating and I […]

Colorado….. Training at 9000 ft!

So, the whole reason for visiting Colorado wasn’t so much for the jiu Jitsu but more to let Lilly and Kobe experience snow, living in the Pilbara of Western Australia it’s something they have never seen before. They were so excited they had been asking about it every day since we told them that we […]

Cowboy Country…. Oklahoma and Kansas

From Texas we moved further north into Middle America, as we had plans on stopping in Oklahoma to train at Rafael Lovato Jr’s Academy. As we headed up the highway we took a little detour to the Toy and Action Figure Museum…… for the kids of course ?. This place was amazing! It had so […]

Everything’s bigger in….. Dallas, Texas

After our trip up along a section of the Mississippi we arrived in Dallas, Texas. Straight away the amount of pick-up trucks and cowboy hats on the highways had doubled. We stopped in at the Dallas Galleria a huge shopping mall with an Ice skating rink in the middle. Both Lilly and Kobe were pretty […]

New Orleans and up the Mississippi

The drive from Orlando to New Orleans would take us through 4 states in 9 hrs – Florida, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana. Our stay in New Orleans was brief, 2 nights in fact, so we unpacked our bags to the Airbnb and headed to the French Quarter for dinner and some sightseeing. Trip Advisor had […]

Orlando – Great training and People

Leaving Miami, we headed up the centre of Florida to Orlando, we opted to take the smaller back roads up around Lake Okeechobee to see more of the Florida countryside. We had only planned to visit Orlando for about 4 days to visit some friends and get a little bit of training in. Upon arriving […]

Miami… In the Aftermath

We have been up to so much and having heaps of fun, I’m a little behind on the blog so there will a far bit coming soon! here is our time in Miami. We began the journey south to Florida after leaving Charlotte. We spent most of the day driving down the east coast through […]

Lucas Lepri BJJ – Charlotte, North Carolina

We left the Great Smoky Mountains to head east into North Carolina, we travelled the winding roads through the national park on our way to Charlotte. Upon arriving, we dropped our stuff at our Airbnb and headed straight to Lucas Lepri Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. After having a few days off we were pretty excited to hit […]

The Great Smoky Mountains

So, from Washington we decided to head down to the Great Smoky Mountains for a few jiu-jitsu free days. We jumped on Airbnb and managed to get a little cabin up in the mountains just out of Pigeon Forge.  The drive there took us

From the Shore to DC

So, we headed out of New York to make the trip down New Jersey to Forked River. We were heading here primarily for one reason and that was to train at Ocean County Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with Tom DeBlass. The drive down was rather scenic as we transitioned from the build-up cities to the countryside of […]

Grand Canyon and New York!

So, after the BIG weekend of the World Masters we packed up our stuff and headed south east to Arizona. We planned on visiting the Grand Canyon and staying out that way for a night before Jetting off to New York. The drive to the south rim of the canyon took us around 4hrs from […]

My World Masters -Dee

When Adam and I decided to register for the World Masters, I instantly felt the usual nervous feeling I get when I am about to compete. I looked at It as it was just another competition, something I had done many times before but this time I was going to be prepping for it in […]

Las Vegas and IBJJF Master Worlds

First and most importantly we managed to send home Kobe’s sword he won at NAGA it only cost $130 US dollars postage …….. no more winning swords only medals from now on!!! :( So our stay in Las Vegas has almost come to an end…. We have some mixed feelings about Vegas. It is everything […]