Las Vegas and IBJJF Master Worlds

First and most importantly we managed to send home Kobe’s sword he won at NAGA it only cost $130 US dollars postage …….. no more winning swords only medals from now on!!! :(

Kobe and his NAGA sword, that is on its way back to Australia

So our stay in Las Vegas has almost come to an end…. We have some mixed feelings about Vegas. It is everything we thought it would be, bright lights and partying which isn’t really our scene. Even though we didn’t “party” while we were here as we don’t drink we did however have some great times.

Eiffel tower Vegas

Las Vegas was fairly cheap to stay at and we have a great Airbnb close to the strip at Flamingo Palms. We quite often finished training and hit the strip for a walk and people watching. We headed to Fremont street and checked out the amazing light show, a whole section of this street is covered by the world’s largest video screen, the kids loved it. The place is also filled with live bands, buskers and of course body painted topless models for you to take a photo with I think that was the best part hahaha.

Kobe doesn’t look impressed with the police presence at Fremont street

Throughout the week in the lead up to the IBJJF World Masters we continued to train with the team at Drysdale Jiu-Jitsu. Dee also had signed up to complete Sophia McDermont’s all female competition camp as well. The kids and I would get a 530pm session in at Drysdale’s then we would drive across town to make sure Dee would get to the 7pm evening session at the female camp. This had Dee and myself sometimes training 3 times a day. Between morning and afternoon sessions of Jiu-Jitsu and school work between sessions with the kids our days were very full.

Dee and the ladies from the Womens camp

Lilly and Kobe with Kids coach Manny

Tug of war fun!

Kobe with his buddy Pia

We did however manage to check out some cool places such as Outdoor World…. This place is a massive store for everything outdoors. It was just great to walk around and check out some of the unbelievable taxidermy and displays. Container park with its giant mantis that shoots fire to music was also a hit for Lilly and Kobe as well as M&M world. This place gave me a massive sugar hangover as we “accidently on purpose” bought 2.5 pounds of M&M’s……

leaving our mark…. Newman BJJ Inc

M and M World

Training was Great at Drysdale’s even though everyone was gearing up to Master Worlds and had their game face on we were warmly welcomed by everyone there and accepted as part of the team. I especially enjoyed the NoGi with David Avellan as I picked up a lot of small details that I think will really change my game. I highly recommend if you’re in the area make time to take one of his classes.

Me with the Kimura Trap master David Avellan

The time we spent at the Master Worlds camp will forever change the way that I look at comp preparation, as coming from a small remote town in the middle of nowhere we just winged it. We left there with a clear understanding of the physical and mental preparation that needs to go in prior to competition and it’s A LOT!

Us and Robert Drysdale

A shot of the World Master camp attendees

The end of the week was here and it was comp time. Dee had put in so much work into her training and diet all that was left was to get on the mats. When we arrived at the competition we couldn’t believe the size of it, 21 mats and 4500 competitors it was by far the biggest Jiu-Jitsu event we have been to. We ran into so many of the people we had met along the way far and it was great filling them in on what we have been up to. It felt as though nearly every legend of the sport was there! We got to meet and talk to so many of our hero’s and even got to organise some more places to train at when we head east.

Clark Gracie in action

Kids with Kurt Osiander hahaha

Meeting Renzo Gracie

Dee and Lilly meeting Mackenzie Dern

So the time had come for Dee to step on the mats, unfortunately it didn’t go her way and she lost on points. We had a game plan but under the pressures of competition these often go out the window. Unless you have stepped on the mats in a big comp with thousands of people there watching after putting in so much work you will never understand it. Its scary as hell but something that it vital to your progression and self-development. In my eyes Dee performed so well and I was super proud of her performance, I know she felt extra nervous as I was no longer competing. In this sport you win or learn, you never loose in competition!!

The Roo at the big show!

That night all Dee wanted was Hooters for dinner……….. I wasn’t going to argue hahaha…..I like their chicken! We headed back to the comp everyday as we supported and cheered on the friends we had made along the way. We were lucky to see a few of them crowned World Master Champions! Which is an awesome achievement.

After comp feed at Hooters

From here we will head out to the Grand Canyon for a night before returning to Vegas to Fly out to New York and continue this great adventure.

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