Miami… In the Aftermath

We have been up to so much and having heaps of fun, I’m a little behind on the blog so there will a far bit coming soon! here is our time in Miami.

We began the journey south to Florida after leaving Charlotte. We spent most of the day driving down the east coast through North and South Carolina and stopping for the night in the small coastal city of Brunswick in Georgia. We stayed in a small Airbnb cabin for the night to break up the trip, this is where the world’s greatest game of family UNO took place. I won every game, but don’t ask Dee and the kids because I’m sure they will lie and say something different.

In the morning we continued south to Miami, upon driving through the city you could still see some of the devastation that hurricane Irma had left just 2 weeks before we arrived. Down trees, power lines and missing roofs were common sights along still flooded streets.

The next day we headed to Miami Fight Sports, this is Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu’s academy. On the way there we were introduced to Miami’s terrible traffic…. 50 min to travel 15 miles, thankfully we always leave very early to get to training. Lilly and Kobe took part in the kids NoGi class which was a little quiet with only 3 other children in the class, this didn’t stop them having a great time. Dee and I took part in the Adults class which was absolutely packed. Unfortunately, Cyborg was still in Finland following ADCC so the class was run by Denis “Deninho” Mitchel. It was a very cool class filled with half guard passing strategies.

Lilly and Kobe warming up for class

Packed Adult class

Kangaroo jumping

The following day we hit Miami Beach and ended up walking around where we found a nice little juice bar and got the best Acai bowls. It was very hot in Miami and with all the water still around the humidity was very high. We found that a lot of the attractions and parks where closed as they were still cleaning up after the hurricane, so there wasn’t a heap to do while where there. We took Lilly and Kobe to the Miami Children’s Museum, they had the best time! We all enjoyed the interactive exhibits and I’m sure both the kids learnt a lot there.

During our stay in Las Vegas we had trained with David Avellan, he had told us about his school in Miami that his brother Marcos is now running. We decided to go and check it out and headed to the Freestyle Fighting Academy, we were quite surprised to find out that it is a 24hr MMA and fitness gym that even had grappling classes at 11pm. We immediately clicked with everyone there and as David recommended we train there we warmly welcomed. We ended up spending the majority of our training time in Miami here. The kids had a great time training in the packed classes with coach Che Moreno.

With coach Che

We ended up doing a lot of NoGi which Dee and I were quite happy about seeing as Miami was so hot. Jason Soares ran all our classes while there which was fantastic as he was able to take over where I had been with David in Vegas on the Kimura trap. I got so much out of training with Jason and the guys at FFA and was very glad we followed David’s advice, as to be honest we would have never really headed there otherwise. If you are looking for some solid NoGi grappling in Miami look no further than FFA.

Dee and I with Jason

Learning the finer points

On the weekend we decided to head to the Everglades National Park, we couldn’t enter from the side that we wanted as due to Hurricane Irma the water level in the park had risen to where the water was now over the park entrance road. We opted out of driving another hour to get around the other side of the park and decided to check out the Everglades Safari Park that was still operating. Upon arrival we boarded one of the tours and got to enjoy the park tearing around on a Airboat. When the tour ended we got a quick alligator show where Kobe got one of his wishes, which was to hold real Alligator, Lilly was pretty stoked as well!

Airboat Selfie

Dee and Lilly

Holding an Alligator!!!!

We thought about cancelling the Miami trip but we’re very glad we decided to head there as we had a great time!!

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