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A Hop, A Skip, and A Jump Up the PCH!

It’s been six weeks since my last post on BJJ Globetrotters. This post is LONG overdue, but I finally have a second to sit down and write it. In the past six weeks, I returned home, started a new job, and started training at my new home for what will be a long while until […]

The Beach and the Valley

Had you asked me a year ago that I’d be waking up on the shore of the Pacific, traveling the country, living my dream… I’d probably have laughed in your face. Had you said that I was going to be practicing the sport that I loved while doing so, I’d have laughed harder.  Waking up […]

LA and Some Bucket List Training!

I was ready as ever to leave San Diego and continue my coastal excursions after my day at Xande’s, but then it hit me. I had completely forgot that the ATOS Headquarters was in San Diego as well. I mentioned in my early posts that I’d started training with an ATOS Legend back home: JT […]

Joshua Tree and a Mad Dash for the Coast!

Although my time in Las Vegas left much to be desired, there was still one stop that needed to be made before dipping my toes in the Pacific for the first time. I decided to cut west and head to Joshua Tree National Park in Eastern California. As an avid climber and boulderer, JTree has […]

New Mexico, Some Big Holes in the Ground, and the City of Sins

My apologies for dropping off the grid this past week! Didn’t realize it’s been a week since I last posted until I sat down in this crowded Malibu, CA Starbucks. Much to talk about! I’ll split these posts up, but this week has been filled with National Parks, Beaches, Jiu Jitsu Mecca, and the like. […]

BJJ: A Family Affair

Something I’ve mentioned before, but not gone into terrible detail, is that I’m one of three of my family members that trains Jiu Jitsu. While I write this post, myself and both of my older brothers, Dan and Larry, also train! Needless to say, family gatherings are always interesting. It’s unfortunate, but we all live […]

Nashville, Memphis, and a Tornado.

Something that’s taken a lot of getting used to on this journey of mine is the shear freedom of it all. I woke up in my Jeep after staying the night in a shady truck stop somewhere in South Carolina. I followed my typical morning routine of getting dressed, making my truck stop breakfasts (usually […]

North Carolina Two-a-Days

After training at Roots Athletics in Philly on Tuesday, I made a B-Line to my next destination: Washington D.C.. I hadn’t been to the capital since 2005, and was ready to do some sight seeing! I’d slept the night before in my Jeep at Maryland House, a rest stop off I-95S about an hour north […]

First Gym on the Road: Roots Athletics in Philly!

I’m on the road, and it’s about time! This post is a few days overdue, but driving 1,000 miles in four days takes up way more time than one would anticipate. Let’s dive into my first week on the road! I trained at a number of gyms this week, but this post is going to focus […]

Kicking Off My Journey with a World Champ

Wednesday, May 17th, 2017 I’m laying in bed in my small, Westchester, NY apartment. My body aches. My muscles hurt down to my bones. My fingers struggle typing this. “Why?”, you ask? Well, today kicked off the first of many stops on my BJJ Globetrotters journey. I decided to kick off with a long-awaited goal […]

Saying Goodbye

Hello again all! I hope everyone who attended the Caribbean Globetrotters Camp had a blast; I was incredibly jealous! I’m less than a week away from embarking on my USA Jiu Jitsu Journey, and I can’t imagine how I can get any more excited!   On a more somber note…   I graduated college this […]

My BJJ Journey: An Introduction

Hello to all! ¡Hola mis amigos! Olá meus amigos! Bonjour mes amis!   As I type out this blog post on my almost decade old-Macbook, I find myself at a loss for words. Had you told 13-year-old me that within ten years he’d be a sponsored athlete; that he’d be on the cusp of graduating […]