Featured affiliated academy: Smash Jiu jitsu Indonesia Jakarta

Jiu jitsu Indonesia

Where is the gym located?
Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. Specifically we’re in Lebak Bulus, Cilandak, South Jakarta. But we also have a few branches in other provinces (Central Java, East Java, Sumatra).

How many people train there?
For this one I can only answer for the Smash Jiu Jitsu Jakarta branch only. Due to the pandemic, many students did private classes, and for the public only a few people – like 3 or 4 max. Hopefully we will grow now that the pandemic is over.

Is the gym growing – if so by how many new members each month or year?
We’ve had a very low profile since the beginning, since we didn’t do anything in terms of promotion. We mostly did things in a very laid back way. But this year I made the decision to make our school public, and now at the start of each month we have 1 -2 new students joining in.

What are the highest and lowest belt grades training?
Black and white belt.

When did the gym open?

Some facts about you:

Name: Andrew Stevens
Age: 36
Belt: Blue
Profession: Entrepreneur, Dive & Travel CEO, Capoeira professor & BJJ coach
Years in BJJ: 12 years
Other martial arts: Capoeira, eskrima, and urban street self-defense
Currently living in: Jakarta, Indonesia
Originally from: Jakarta, Indonesia

Smash Jiu jitsu Indonesia Jakarta

Please tell us the story of how your gym came into existence
Well it’s not really a gym or a commercial venue – we do it our own house. In the beginning, our black belt professor returned from the US in the late 90s, and he just needed a partner to continue his own training. So he tried to look for people with the same passion, or at least have the self discipline to be taught how to do BJJ.

Tell us about the people that train in the gym – who are they?
They’re mostly teens and adults from 20 -50 years old, from various different professional backgrounds.

Why do they train in Smash Jiu jitsu Indonesia Jakarta?
Mainly for self development, self defense, and the principles of Jiu Jitsu – a philosophy that can help so many other aspects of their lives. Sometimes also for competition, if there’s interest as well.
The system/method is uncommon and unique. A lot of details in everything, which really appeals to those who like an academic and scientific approach. As a result, they can do a technique like a higher level student even though they might be beginners and that’s why some people are attracted to our school.
To be free from all types of BJJ politics, social issues, or anything else.

What are some of the challenges of running a BJJ gym in general, and in your area specifically?
Maybe the challenge is I now need to learn more about BJJ as business, since I just started commercially promoting it in the past 3 months part-time.

Smash Jiu jitsu Indonesia Jakarta

How do you see the future for BJJ in your area?
The market is skyrocketing. It’s already booming and perhaps will grow even bigger in the future.

What’s the best thing about your gym?

  • We conduct our training in a happy, safe, communicative, and comfortable environment, because we do really care about the longevity of the practitioners.
  • We teach with simple, comprehensive methods, easy to understand and using simple, high-percentage techniques that can be done by both male and female students of all ages, body types, and physical attributes.
  • A core system that can be applied in gi or no-gi situations.
  • An aggressive style that exemplifies the fighting spirit of martial arts.

What would you recommend Globetrotters to see in your area apart from the inside of your gym?
The city, the life in Jakarta, and probably an idea to collaborate together. Since we also have a guesthouse we can basically do some semi-private seminars.


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