Featured Camp Instructor: Bryan White – BJJ Globetrotters

Bryan White - BJJ Globetrotters

Bryan White – BJJ Globetrotters

Belt: Blackbelt
Profession: Law enforcement
Started training (year): Started in 2007
City/country: Levittown, PA (U.S.)


Main achievements in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu:

My name is Bryan White.  My start with BJJ began as part of my career as a police officer.  I’ve worked in law enforcement since 2001.  In the beginning of my career, I received some self-defense training, which I found to be outdated and impractical for law enforcement needs.  In my search for something more efficient, I was convinced by a co-worker to try BJJ.  I fell in love at the very first class. I remember that class like it was yesterday.

I’ve been training regularly since 2007.  While my initial goal in BJJ was to improve self-defense skills for work, my journey has led me to all kinds of experiences that weren’t even on my radar in 2007.  I became an instructor for other law enforcement officers through the Gracie Survival Tactics program.  I’ve instructed at in-service sessions for all of the law enforcement agencies in the county where I work.  I’m also an instructor at a local police academy, which even gave me the opportunity to teach my oldest daughter, who is currently a police cadet.  I also teach self-defense classes, annually, at my agency’s Youth Police Academy, which is a program run each summer for high school aged youths.


Bryan White – BJJ Globetrotters


I teach gi and no-gi classes to adults at Revolution Academy, which is located in Levittown, PA (U.S.).  I earned my black belt there, in 2016, from my professor, Anthony Colantuano.  My competition days are probably behind me at this point, but I never say never.  My most enjoyable experience was with the F2W event.  They put on a good show; and it’s kind of cool to step off the competition stage, and walk right up to the bar!


Which Globetrotters camps have you attended:

A few years ago, my wife suggested a BJJ vacation.  I had not heard of the BJJ Globetrotters at the time, and had no idea what to expect.  But it was one of the best moves I’ve ever made.  I enjoyed the Maine camp so much that I went back a second time.  I’ve also been to the Arizona Camp, Winter Austria, Heidelberg, and Iceland.  The experiences I’ve had in these places are unforgettable.  I’ve met some really cool people, seen places I never would have seen otherwise, and been able to share my version of BJJ with people from all over the world!  I’ve trained in a lot of gyms, but the vibe on a Globetrotters mat is like no other.


Bryan White – BJJ Globetrotters USA Camp


Which camp has been your favorite so far?

It’s difficult to name a favorite camp.  Each one that I’ve been to has offered a unique experience.  But, if you ‘held my feet to the fire,’ I would probably say Heidelberg.  That town was beautiful, and has an awesome energy to it.


I’m trying to pick out my next camp, but I want to go to them all!  I’ll choose my next one soon, and I can’t wait to see everyone there!



Bryan White – BJJ Globetrotters instructor