Featured Camp Instructor: Joey Carta – BJJ Globetrotters

Joey Carta – BJJ Globetrotters

Belt: Blackbelt (18 years training)
Age: 41

Profession: Correction Officer State if Connecticut (16 years)
Started training (year): Started in 2004
City/country: Newington CT USA


Main achievements in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu:

I would have to say the main achievement of my BJJ journey is that I have been able to teach with the BJJ Globetrotters and BJJ in Paradise organizations.  Both have allowed me to meet and have a positive impact on so many people.  There is no medal that can replace these experiences.


Joey Carta – BJJ Globetrotters

Which Globetrotters camps have you attended:

I started my globetrotters journey at the very first camp at CSA.DK in Copenhagen in 2013. I was one of maybe 4 brown belts and one of the instructors (Daniel Reid) got sick so Christian asked me to cover his classes.  Have been teaching at the camps ever since. I taught at Copenhagen 2015 (distortion camp if you know you know ).  Taught at Leuven in 2017, was supposed to go back in 2018 but I had a little snafu on my end but we don’t talk about that.  I have taught at every USA camp except 2021 and this will be my first Arizona camp and also my 10th.


Which camp has been your favorite so far?

I don’t think I have a favorite camp. They all are special and include different experiences that separate each camp.   The people at that camps is what makes them all my favorite.


Favorite stories/moments from the camps?

Favorite stories,  I can’t remember them all. I would probably have to ask for permission to use peoples names in my stories so I don’t incriminate anyone but doing berimbolos in the middle of the street in Copenhagen was fun.


Your favorite class/classes to teach at camp?

My favorite class is all of them.  I enjoy watching what the other instructors show.  I like seeing everyone’s personalities coming out through the technique they show.  I love watching the students start at the beginning of class and have some difficulty but by the end of class they are more or less doing the technique correctly.  Seeing the hunger and fire in all their eyes keeps me motivated to keep on training. I see myself at different stages of my journey in each one of them so it’s easy to relate and connect.

Only other thing I have to add is this: Don’t quit



Joey Carta – BJJ Globetrotters instructor


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