Featured Camp Instructor: Paul Urbanik – BJJ Globetrotters

Paul Urbanik - BJJ Globetrotters

Paul Urbanik – BJJ Globetrotters

Age: 35
Belt:  Blackbelt in Luta Livre (brazilian catch wrestling) Blackbelt in BJJ
Profession: Teacher for Mathematics, Physics, IT

Started training (year): Started my grappling journey 2008
City/country: Paderborn, Germany


Main achievements in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu:

It’s hard to say. There were some competition results that I’m quite happy with but most of the times the one where you place are not the memories you’re to proud of. For me the things I’m most proud of are not on the competition mats but rather things around the sport. Looking back I’m happy that i had the time to create stuff in the community. A teammate of mine (Sven Goder) and myself ran the first German blog about the grappling community in Germany (grapplersparadise) for quite some time, interviewing a lot of people and even publishing three magazines. Besides that I ripped of other peoples work by organizing some weekend camps called „Mattentreffen“, after I couldn’t attend the Globetrotter camps (because at that time Christian didn’t host that many and I need to stick to the holidays) as well as a EBI Rip Off called „This is MATness“. But all of that slowly faded because Life is kinda busy sometimes. But above all I’m most glad that i could be a part of our team „Paderborn Wombats“ and help the team and gym evolve to what it is today, as well as working together with likeminded people with the aim to create a place to enjoy the sport. #wombat4ever

Paul Urbanik – BJJ Globetrotters


Which Globetrotters camps have you attended:

I started off pretty early with the camps in Copenhagen in 2013. After that I attended several camps in Leuven and Austria. Lately I tried to attend at least 2 camps a year with Austria, Estonia and Heidelberg being the last ones.


Which camp has been your favorite so far?

Looking back at the camps the Copenhagen ones stand out the most because it was such a different vibe compared to the whole scene back then. Nowadays I really love the Winter camps, maybe because I don’t need to do laundry and the whole camp stays at one place.


Paul Urbanik- BJJ Globetrotters


Favorite stories/moments from the camps?

One of the best memories was the CSA anniversary at the Summer camp in Copenhagen. Christian went all out with this one with free BBQ, drinks and a MMA event containing a David vs. Golliath match beween a 120kg Danish monster and a small child (not serious of course) and a BJJ match in suits.


Your favorite class/classes to teach at camp? 


It really depends on what I’ve been working on but i love to teach guard passing, darces and leglocks.





Paul Urbanik – BJJ Globetrotters instructor