Featured Camp Instructor: Priit Mihkelson – BJJ Globetrotters

Priit Mihkelson BJj


Priit Mihkelson  – BJJ Globetrotters

Belt: Belt black belt 3rd degree
Age: 45

Profession: 1/2 Gym owner, 1/2 Defensive BJJ owner, full time Globetrotter
Started training (year): ~2000ish
City/country: Tallinn / Estonia


Main achievements in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu:

Competition wise I think 2008 Scandinavian Open Gold -88,3kg purple belts. But overall I think it would be the fact that I am able to travel the world doing BJJ and I found a niche in the system that I can help to improve.



Which Globetrotters camps have you attended:

So far I have done 39 of them and the first one was 2017 Copenhagen.


Which camp has been your favorite so far?

Because my location where I live I would have to say St-Barts but actually I think it is the Winter Camp in Wagrain because that camp combines two of my favorites things – BJJ and snowboarding.


Favorite stories/moments from the camps?

Somebody actually came and talked to me :)


Your favorite class/classes to teach at camp?

I think one of my best classes was teaching layered twister defence in 1h and I think I pulled it off during one of the Spring Camps in Tallinn. Also I think my Zen Camp Anaconda defense class was the one that I am actually happy with.


Anything else you want to add to your profile: No! (it was a joke …a good one I might add)



Priit Mihkelson – BJJ Globetrotters instructor