Featured Camp Instructor: Ryan Fennelly – BJJ Globetrotters

Ryan Fennelly - BJJ Globetrotters

Ryan Fennelly – BJJ Globetrotters

Age: 37
Belt: Black

Profession: Public Insurance Adjuster, Boxing/MMA Commissioner
City/country: Manchester, NH (USA)


Main achievements in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu:

3x Naga champion. Teaching weekly class at Team Burgess MMA. Running a successful competition team with Team Burgess MMA.


Which Globetrotters camps have you attended?

Maine (2016,2017,2018,2019,2021) 

Iceland (2018,2021) 

Germany (2019), 

Arizona (2019), 

St. Barts (2021).


Which camp has been your favorite so far?

Maine camp 2021 was great. After sneaking around to train during the pandemic it was great to see some old friends and have such a large group openly training in Maine. The masks weren’t a discussion for the first time in a long time. The pub crawl was foolishly awesome and the personalities will set the bar quite high for “best camp ever”. 


Ryan Fennelly – BJJ Globetrotters Camp


Favorite stories/moments from the camps?

  1. Throwing a cabin party at an early Maine camp to the disappointment and frustration of the older cabin mates. I was playing the assassins game and could not be squirted in my own cabin. What better way to enjoy the festivities while being safe than inviting everyone over to party. 
  2. Seeing a fairly quiet student of mine (Connor) become the life of the party. By the end of camp people were chanting his name in hopes of hearing him sing to us once more. 
  3. Getting the police called on us in Germany for not leaving the bar ontime. The barkeep asked us to vacate quite a few times but we weren’t ready to leave. No one ended up in trouble. 
  4. Showing up to Maine camp (actually was in New Hampshire) in 2016 to find people wearing blonde curly wigs and impersonating Christian. He missed camp due to a child being born and sent a wig and cardboard cutout of himself in his absence. I won’t share the details of what happened to the cardboard cutout by the end of the week.


Your favorite class/classes to teach at camp?


My favorite class to teach is called “knee’d to know basis”. It is a shin-to-shin half guard system that seems to get people thinking out of the box a bit. 


Ryan Fennelly – BJJ Globetrotters instructor