Featured Camp Instructor: Wim Deputter – BJJ Globetrotters


Wim Deputter BJJ

Wim Deputter – BJJ Globetrotters

Belt: Black
Age: 40

Profession: Fulltime BJJ coach and competitor at Brasa Belgium
Started training (year): Started martial arts around 1990, started BJJ around 2000
City/country: Leuven, Belgium


Main achievements in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu:

-World Champion JJIF 2014

-MMA record 19 – 4 (all losses by decision)

-Silver medal IBJJF No Gi Europeans Masters Absolute

-Double silver medal IBJJF Silver masters, -76kg and -82kg

-Building my own gym and making a career out of Jiu Jitsu

-Triple Gold at Grappling Industries after 7 months of recovery due to surgery

-One of best selling instructors at BJJ Fanatics



Which Globetrotters camps have you attended:

-Every Leuven Camp (5x?)

Heidelberg 3x

Zen Camp 4x


Talinn 3x


Which camp has been your favorite so far?

Zen Camp



Favorite stories/moments from the camps?

Meeting my wife Yara two days before the 3th Leuven camp during a bar crawl in Brussels with some camp attendees who arrived sooner and wanted to go partying in Brussels. Long story :)


Your favorite class/classes to teach at camp?

-Breathing techniques at Zen Camp 2022

-the formula for an Impassable Guard at Zen Camp  2018


Anything else you want to add to your profile:

-Personal website: www.wimdeputter.com

-Gym website: www.brasateam.be

-Podcasts and interviews: https://www.wimdeputter.com/podcasts/

-Instructionals: https://bjjfanatics.com/collections/instructional-videos/fighter_wim-deputter

-Youtube Channel: www.youtube.com/wimdeputterbjj

-Instagram: www.instagram.com/wimdeputterbjj

-Main facebook profile: www.facebook.com/wimdeputter

-Facebook athlete page: www.facebook.com/wimdeputterbjj

-Biography interview: https://bjjtribes.com/bjj-athletes-wim-deputter-biography-interview/


Wim Deputter – BJJ Globetrotters instructor