BJJ Globetrotters Summer Camp Germany 2020

* From July 27th to August 1st, 2020 *
* In Heidelberg, Germany *
* Our biggest camp of the year *
* One hour from Frankfurt am Main airport *
* Huge mat space in a beautiful old university town *
* Six-day training camp *
* Gi and no-gi classes all day long *
* Several daily mega open mats *
* Daily workshops and lectures *
* High-level international instructors *
* Yoga sessions every morning *
* On-site accommodation available *
* Meal plan available *
* Free professional portrait service/photo booth *
* Free ticket for world premiere of BJJ Globetrotters documentary *
* Free beer at final open mat *
* All experience levels and affiliations welcome! *



We’re heading back to Heidelberg for our biggest camp of the year and another incredible week of BJJ training, workshops, outdoor diving competitions, morning yoga sessions, midnight cocktail bar crawls, martial arts movie nights and live DJ open mats (with free beer).

This stunning university town has become a regular on our annual camp calendar and this is the second year we’ve decided it will be the location for our big, classic Summer Camp. It will also be the camp where we will be hosting the world premiere of our documentary; the biggest project in BJJ Globetrotters history. We are excited to see you all there!


“My time at the Heidelberg camp was hands down one of the best experiences I’ve had in the last ten years. The atmosphere was an amazing blend of learning, training, exploring, and making new friends! Everyone, no matter what region or country they were from, was on the same vibe! We all experienced world class BJJ instruction, really intuitive and well planned ‘off the mats’ classes, as well as a great social environment! If you’re thinking of doing, STOP thinking, and start planning! You won’t regret it!”
– Michael, United States


Located in a strikingly beautiful river valley, Heidelberg has long been renowned as one of the most charming and picturesque cities in all of Germany. As you walk along its cobbled streets and through its centuries of history, you might find yourself in the shadow of a towering medieval castle one moment, and at the door of one of the oldest universities in the world the next. As befits such a big student town, Heidelberg has a great nightlife, with plenty of options for rehydrating with freshly brewed German beer (and cocktails!) after a hard day on the mats.


The Olympiastützpunkt is a dedicated training and sports science facility used by the German national and Olympic teams in such disciplines as boxing, rugby, and weightlifting. For the week of the camp, we have the entire sports hall to ourselves, giving us a huge mat space on which to roll, learn, and unwind with friendly people from all around the world.


We’ll be running classes (both gi and no-gi) every day from morning to evening, all taught by a variety of highly experienced instructors who bring their own perspective on Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, sometimes incorporating concepts from other grappling arts such as wrestling, Judo, and Luta Livre. We’ll also schedule frequent open mat sessions at which you can roll, drill technique, or just chat with the instructors and pick their brains. There’ll be more training than you can possibly handle over the course of the week, so make sure to bring your notepad!

All of our camps are renowned for their open and welcoming atmosphere. They’re full of enthusiastic, friendly people from all around the world, who enjoy training in a fun, relaxed, and open-minded environment. So regardless of whether you’re there with a group or traveling solo, you’ll always find someone to slap hands with :)


“I’ve done a bunch of these camps, large and small, and honestly I won’t take any other kind of vacations anymore. Christian has an exceptional talent for creating an amazing atmosphere; it’s way more than just the Jiu Jitsu – the camps become this instantly tight-knit community of practitioners and you end up finding a ton of other like-minded people right away, on and off the mats. You want to train hard? No problem. You want to take it easy one day and then go out and sample the local beers? Easy. You want to scale radio towers and get kicked out of your hostel? Christian’s got your back. And there are usually a bunch of other activities on offer (like skiing/snowboarding at winter camp or the pub crawl in Leuven)”
– Sean, United States


When you’re buying your camp ticket, you have the option of including accommodation in one of the 30 rooms located directly in the sports hall. Each room has two single beds, and features a private bathroom, shower, TV, and wi-fi. These cost €259 per person for the seven nights, Sunday through Sunday.

If you want, you can of course just buy the basic camp ticket and stay elsewhere in the city. The closest option is the nearby youth hostel, about a 10-minute walk from the camp venue, and there’s a wide selection of hotels and Air BnBs spread across the Old Town.

Heidelberg is a popular tourist destination all year round, and especially in August when half of Europe goes travelling. So we really recommend that you book your accommodation as early as possible.

“In these camps nobody cares what belt are you, everybody is treated equally and it makes you feel like you’ve known these people your entire life! And the amount of training combined in one week is insane. If you think you can handle all of it, just know, you can’t. But it’s a good problem to have :) And don’t even get me started on how beautiful the city is :) These two camps were the best investments of my life, can’t wait for the next year!”
– Katya, Ukraine


The camp comes with an optional meal plan. This costs €150 for the week, and includes three meals a day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), which are served in the canteen area right beside the sports hall. So if you just want to focus on training without having to think about packing enough food every day, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. The cafeteria is responsible for the food of all the Olympic and national teams training at the facilities, so they know what they’re doing :)

If you’d like the vegetarian option, or if you have any allergies or dietary restrictions we need to keep in mind, please let us know in advance at mail@bjjglobetrotters.com.

For those not in the meal plan – or if you just have a good appetite after all the training – we’ll be organising restaurant dinners in the evenings. Our local crew in Heidelberg will make sure that we have bookings at the nicest and most authentic places in town.

“Heidelberg Camp truly tested the limits of how much awesomeness can be packed into a single week! I am just completely overwhelmed by the amount of fun I had catching up with friends and making new ones, learning some awesome BJJ, rolling at open mats, jumping around in mosh pits, pub crawling, visiting a castle, eating kabobs, getting flamingo tattoos, flexing it up at the bodybuilding competition and dancing my ass off at the best party ever! My feet are sore AF and my heart is so happy! Thanks BJJ Globetrotters and everyone I got to connect with for making this an amazing week”
– Danielle, United States


During the entire year of 2019, a film crew has followed the BJJ Globetrotters behind and in front of the scenes to make a documentary about the camps. Saturday evening of the camp, we will be hosting the world premiere of the project in this 400 seat movie theater in Heidelberg. Free admission to the premiere is included in your camp ticket!


Once again, we’re offering a free photo booth run by a professional portrait photographer during the camp. Grab your finest gi, favourite accessories, and nearest liftable friend, and get that Facebook profile picture you’ve always wanted!


Regardless of the colour of the belt around your waist, six days of 8+ hours on the mats is tough on the body! And that’s not even counting the hours spent sampling Heidelberg’s historic array of beers afterwards. In order to keep us as limbre and loose right until the end, we’re bringing back our instructor to run morning yoga sessions every day of the camp.

“Just finished up a week teaching, training and enjoying the atmosphere at the 50th BJJ Globetrotters camp in Heidelberg. I’ve been to a lot of these camps by now and the atmosphere, enthusiasm and general energy is second to none. Thank you to everyone who helped make it a fantastic experience.”
– Oliver, United Kingdom


What started off as a really bad, great idea, has become a stable at our summer mega-camps: For those who want to kickstart the social (and sightseeing-) aspect of the week, we are organizing a pub crawl, visiting a handful of local bars, sampling the classic, German beers, in between having a nice walk through the old streets of town. We are usually more than 100 campers attending this warm, summer evening walk and it’s a great way to start things off. You’re also most welcome to participate without drinking! Bars close at 1 AM on Mondays, so there is still time to get some sleep before training begins Tuesday :)


We’ll be professionally filming many of the classes and then hosting them online at our video library: BJJ Globetrotters in Action. They’ll be entirely free to access (as will the videos from all our other camps), so if you want to refresh your memory you can go back and check out the technique as many times as you want.


Off the mats, we’ll be holding a series of workshops taught by a selection of instructors and highly knowledgeable camp attendees. These will all take place in the camp venue. Generally they focus on Jiu Jitsu and sport-related topics, but we’ve also had presentations on things like improving your photography, making stuff happen, standup comedy and historic grappling arts – basically anything cool that we think might be interesting! You’ll just have to wait for the schedule and see what we’ve got lined up.

“If you ever get the chance to attend a Globetrotters Camp I’d highly recommend it, it has very little to do with getting belts (as some people have hilariously found out #osu) it’s all about sharing knowledge and training with lots of different people from all over the world who’s main interest is BJJ, beer and various board games and music all play a large part for some, but it’s mainly Jiu Jitsu really”
– Scott, United Kingdom


As always, on Saturday afternoon we’re going to finish off the week of training with a giant end-of-camp Open Mat. What makes this one unique though is that we’ll have our own personal nightlife entertainment and catering experts, the BJJ Globetrotters Bar Team, providing free beer throughout the entire thing. And live music to keep the vibes flowing. Rest assured, you’ve never rolled like this before!


Heidelberg is surrounded by nature and history of all kinds. If you ever need a break from training, you can wander up through the woods to an old Roman-style ampitheatre, hop on a boat cruise along the Neckar river, or just spend an afternoon people-watching over a coffee in one of the plazas in the Old Town.

We’ll be organizing a pub crawl some evening too, so you’ll have the chance to decide whether Pils, Hefeweizen, Kellerbier, or Warmer Erpel is your thing. (Disclaimer: Science has not yet determined what effect more than two Warmer Erpels will have on the average human body).


Book your spot before June 1st and get a special Heidelberg Summer Camp edition of either our light weight travel gi or pearl weave competition gi for just €100. You can pick any color of the gi (blue, white, black, brown, pink or gray) and it will have a special design just for this camp.


BJJ Globetrotters Travel gi v2
* Special Summer Camp design *
* Available in blue, white, black, brown, pink and gray *
* Super light ripstop jacket and pants *
* From just 1.1 kg *
* Perfect to bring for traveling *
* Special camp pre-order price €100 *
BJJ Globetrotters Competition Gi v2
* Special Summer Camp design *
* Available in blue, white, black and gray *
* High quality, 100% cotton 550GSM pearl weave jacket *
* 10 oz canvas pants *
* IBJJF competition legal *
* Special camp pre-order price €100 *

Pre-order with your camp registration and you can pick it up at the camp and pay in cash there. Binding, gentleman’s agreement :)


More instructors to be announced!


Christian Graugart

  • From Saint Barthélemy, F.W.I.
  • Author of “The BJJ Globetrotter”
  • 2nd place IBJJF Europeans brown belt
  • IBJJF London Open black belt champion
  • Multiple x IBJJF default bronze medalist
  • priit

    Priit Mihkelson

  • From Tallinn, Estonia
  • BJJ black belt
  • Head coach 3D Treening, Estonia
  • 2nd place Nordic Open BJJ 2016
  • Once stopped drone strike w/ turtle defense

    14311463_10209392585347508_6077945807565947773_o 14481776_10209575817848206_8146760516380282779_o 15167486_10210101752996256_6988784090008005880_o

  • Aaron Ross

  • From Florida, USA / Tokyo, Japan
  • BJJ black belt
  • 10+ yrs training in Paraestra, Tokyo
  • “Best Horse Stance” ’84 All Valley Karate C.
  • International used car salesman

  • Jack Clover BJJ

    Jack Clover

  • From London, United Kingdom
  • BJJ Brown Belt
  • Yoga Alliance teacher
  • 2-0 MMA record from ‘back in the day’
  • Won staring contest vs Panama housewife

  • Ruadhan MacFadden

  • From Sligo, Ireland
  • Travel/history black belt
  • BJJ brown belt
  • Host of “The Hero with a Thousand Holds”
  • Ask for all-inclusive family resort tips
  • Chris Paines

    Chris Paines

  • From Stafford, England
  • BJJ Black Belt
  • Coach at Fighting Fit Grappling
  • Manchester Open black belt champion
  • Phobia of gym mirrors


    All instructors at the BJJ Globetrotters camps have agreed to:

    • Respect and treat everyone at the camp equally, regardless of gender, sexuality, age, belt level, and skill; on and off the mats.
    • Behave respectfully and with the integrity to be expected of an instructor, role model, and representative of BJJ Globetrotters; on and off the mats.
    • Be a team player and support their fellow instructors.
    • Treat neither rolling nor teaching as a competition.


    Will be sent out roughly a week prior to camp
    * Camp starts Monday around noon *
    * Daily training and open mat sessions from around 9 am to 8 pm *
    * Last training will be a long open mat session on Saturday until around 4 pm *
    * Don’t leave Saturday unless you want to miss the camp party! (don’t miss the party) *
    * We are trying to make an equal amount of gi and no-gi classes *
    * You can arrive/leave early or late as you like *

    Take a look at the guidebook for last year’s Heidelberg camp here




    Six days unlimited training camp
    Free camp t-shirt
    Free cinema ticket to world premiere on BJJ Globetrotters documentary

    Daily breakfast, lunch and dinner +€150
    Accommodation in sports hall twin rooms (Sunday to Sunday) with bathroom, shower & wifi +€259

    AVAILABILITY: LOW (Less than 40 tickets left)



    Terms and conditions



    Where is the camp?
    The camp will be held at the Olympiastützpunkt, Im Neuenheimer Feld 710, 69120 Heidelberg.

    How do I get there?
    The main airport nearby is Frankfurt am Main (FRA) – roughly an hour from Heidelberg. This is a major international hub, so you’ll most likely be able to get flights there from basically anywhere in the world. From there, you can just hop on a train, bus, or shuttle that’ll bring you right down to Heidelberg.

    If you live in Europe, you could possibly also fly with a low-cost airline (like Ryanair or Wizzair) to either Frankfurt Hahn (HHN) or Karlsruhe-Baden (FKB) airports. A bus service runs from both of them to Heidelberg.

    My friend and I are all staying in the onsite accommodation. Can you make sure we stay in the same room?
    Yep, no problem at all. Just shoot us an email with your names after you’ve registered, and we’ll do our best to sort it out.

    What else can I spend my time on, besides training?
    Heidelberg has everything from stunning medieval castles to picturesque riverside walking trails to bustling pubs full of only the finest German beer (and cocktails!). You’ll have absolutely no problems passing time off the mats.;-)

    Is there a minimum age for participation?
    You have to be at least 18 years old in order to attend the camp.

    I’m not sure if I’m free on those dates yet and/or can’t afford to buy a ticket right now. Can I reserve a spot at the camp and pay later once I’ve made my decision/ saved enough money?
    Sorry, but we can’t bookmark spots for people in advance. It would make it far too difficult to accurately determine how many spots are still available, and would cause additional confusion if people then cancel their reserved spots on short notice. To make it fair for everyone, we only secure camp spots for people who have bought a ticket.

    I’ll be nearby during the dates of the camp. Can I drop in for just one day / one class / one open mat?
    Unfortunately, this isn’t possible. The logistics of trying to keep track of day tickets for these camps would be a nightmare. Not to mention that if we allow one person to drop by, we have to allow everyone to drop by, and then we’d risk not having enough mat space for the people who actually paid for the full camp. Also, we often have a long waiting list for camp tickets, and it wouldn’t be fair to those people if we let someone skip the list and come for a day. Same deal for everyone!:-)



    Feel free to email us if you have any questions!! We will get back to you right away :)