A delayed intro

Hi all in the BJJ globetrotters universe! My names Alex and I’ve been training for a couple years now. I’ve always been a bit of a jiu jitsu mutt, in that from early on I trained in a myriad of gyms. And I think we can all agree, for the most part, you meet some of the best people out there by doing so! I started out my BJJ training all over the South West of England. Places like KJ2 in Bridgwater and North Shore Jiu Jitsu in Newquay as well as Gracie Barra in Taunton.

Recently I was back in my homeland that is Somerset for my oldest Brothers wedding. This gave me the opportunity to get some rolls in with one of my closest mates and to re-visit the first place I ever trained in.

The Mill.

This gym has a great atmosphere with an enthusiastic head coach who has ample ambitions to continue to develop his setup into a martial arts/fitness epicentre for Somerset.

Matt Follain made me feel welcome the first time I set foot in his gym, and this last time, nothing had changed. Funny guy with a wealth of combat knowledge.

My friend and I got to have some great rolls with exchanges of knowledge. We all know how it goes ;D

It was the perfect wind down before heading to my brothers wedding the next day to enjoy a raucous round of drinks, merriment and memories that’ll never be forgot!

The prestigious task, one often faces at their brothers wedding can yield some weight to carry. Nerves begin to flare. Palms can get sweaty. An unyielding feeling of anxiety due to responsibilities on such a glorious weekend. The speeches came easy, but the bar had to be run with precision and care! If the flow of drinks ceased, so did the vibes! Not on our watch…

A success all round.

Next on the agenda is to get our van across for roadtrips and adventures around Ireland! :D