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The Dreaded Knee Injury!!!

The Dreaded Knee Injury It’s a long time since I last posted an article about my travels. It will a bit longer still as this article focuses more on something that plagued me for the rest of the Odyssey and still today at times. It happens to the best of us in the Jiu-Jitsu community, […]

Auckland & Taupo New Zealand

Greetings from Auckland & Taupo New Zealand (28 Nov – 8 Dec 2018)! It has been a while since I last posted about my travels, a lot has been going on here now that I’m back home and have a full time job. I’ll have to make a concerted effort to write more often and […]

Sydney & Sunshine Coast Australia

Greetings From Sydney & Sunshine Coast Australia (14-25 Nov 2017)! Here are the last two stops I had in Australia, polar opposites to each other but both packed with adventures. I had my lowest points of traveling through Australia that at one point had me thinking in Sydney “Screw this shitty place I’m never coming […]

Melbourne Australia

Greetings From Melbourne Australia (8-14 Nov 2017)! Moving from Geelong to Melbourne was the fastest and easiest travel between two stops on the Odyssey, it was literally just an hour or so train ride to downtown Melbourne, Geelong is really just next to Melbourne after all. This stop was my first time staying in a […]

Adelaide & Geelong Australia

Greetings From Adelaide and Geelong Australia (Oct 28 – Nov 8 2017)! I left Perth and flew to Adelaide quite uneventfully. The directions I had to get to where I was staying in Adelaide were quite concise and easy to follow. I was on my own in Adelaide, having picked up a room with AirBnB. […]

Perth Australia

Greetings From Perth Australia ( 23- 28 Oct 2017) After a lengthy detour I’m back to telling my adventures of traveling the world once again. When I last left off, before the BJJ Globetrotters camp reviews, I had met up with the Free Rollers in San Diego for a week of training and shenanigans. I followed them […]

BJJ Globetrotters Camps Part 3: Return to Heidelberg Germany!

Greetings From Around the World Part 3! Here’s the last article covering the BJJ Globetrotters Camps I attended over the summer. I’ll be back to sharing all my stories and adventures while traveling around the world shortly. I last left off telling you all about the BJJ Globetrotters camps in Greenland and Iceland and before that the […]

BJJ Globetrotters Camps Part 2: Greenland & Iceland

Greetings From All Over the World, Part 2! I’m back again to fill you in on my summer of BJJ Globetrotters camps I attended as the ‘big bang’ finale to the Odyssey. I’m not done writing about the Odyssey itself, only half way really, but I’ll return to those adventures shortly. I last left off […]

BJJ Globetrotters Camps Part 1: USA Camp & Visiting Toronto

Greetings from all over the World! It’s been a while since my last posts, so long in fact I wouldn’t be surprised if you thought I gave up on writing these or fell off a cliff or something. I promise I’ll get back to the Odyssey and finish telling you my story of traveling around […]

Training report: BJJ in Bangkok Thailand

Greetings From Bangkok Thailand ! (3 – 8 Oct 2017) I left the gorgeous island of Koh Tao in another long day of traveling. I loved the island life but was also really excited to finally see Bangkok, meet Vara and visit the gyms. It was a windy day on the waters so I took […]

Koh Tao Thailand

Greetings from Koh Tao Thailand! (28 Sept – 3 Oct 2017) My next stop in Thailand was one I added to the itinerary later on while traveling. I always intended to visit Phuket and Bangkok but knew nothing else of the country other then the party islands which I decided I would pass on, as […]

BJJ training report: Phuket Top Team Thailand

Greetings from Phuket Thailand (23-28 Sept 2017)! After a great first stop in Asia I flew from Yangon Myanmar to Phuket Thailand quite uneventfully. The flight was later in the day and by the time I hailed a taxi and got to my villa it was already late and the villa owner was in bed. […]

Yangon Myanmar (Burma)

Greetings from Yangon, Myanmar! (17-23 Sept 2017) As I detailed in the last post my traveling experience to get from Albania to Myanmar through the United Arab Emirates was long, ill fated and left me completely drained and exhausted after the back to back overnight flights to get to Yangon. By the time I had […]

Tirana, Albania &…The Abu Dhabi Experience…

Greetings From Tirana, Albania (10-14 Sept 2017) The bus ride to Tirana was a peaceful beautiful ride through the mountains, watching the sun shine down on the vast green fields and rocky landscapes. Leaving Ohrid and catching this bus was a bit sketchy at first. Men in plain clothes, who were apparently bus drivers and […]

Skopje & Ohrid, Macedonia

Greetings From Skopje and Ohrid Macedonia! (2-10 Sep 2017) I left Bulgaria on a bus feeling fine but once I got to Skopje and had my first night’s rest at the hostel I woke up not feeling very well. I had a sinus cold starting, messing with my respiratory system, and the ear infection was […]

Sofia, Bulgaria

Greetings From Sofia Bulgaria! (28 August – 2 September 2017) After the amazing BJJ Globetrotters Fall Camp I wish never ended I was on a plane back to Eastern Europe, with my next stop being Sofia Bulgaria. I was looking forward to Sofia because there are a few clubs there I had heard great things about, Twisted […]

Bucharest, Brasov and Castle Bran

Greetings From Bucharest Romania! (13-21 Aug 2017) I left on a train from Iasi for Bucharest, looking forward to Meet and train at the Absoluto BJJ HQ that Mihai talked so much about, little did I know how much plans would change in the coming days. The train route I was taking involved a transfer at one […]

Chisinau, Moldova & Iasi, Romania

Greetings From Chisinau Moldova & Iasi Romania! (1-6, & 6-13 August 2017) Hello! I decided to merge the next two spots I visited because my visit to Chisinau isn’t enough to fill one article on it’s own and in these two spots I decided to start making new videos, which I’ve put out since but […]

Kherson Ukraine

Greetings From Kherson Ukraine! (26 July – 1 August 2017) Kherson Ukraine was not a place I would ever figure of visiting before this trip. I’ve never heard of the small harbour town and it’s quite out of the way. When I was asked where else I was visiting when I was in Kiev I […]

Kiev Ukraine

Greetings From Kiev Ukraine! (20-26 July 2017) My flight to Kiev from Moscow was interesting. As I mentioned in a previous post I had originally planned to visit Belarus for a few days (Canadians are included in the group eligible for the new tourist tourist Visa where you don’t need a Visa for stays less […]