Episode 9: Mike & Rebecca – A life of adventure, frugality and planned uncertainty.

Mike and Rebecca Sweeney were full time BJJ and MMA instructors, when they decided to stop training, sell their academy and everything else they owned, to buy a boat and sail from Canada to the Caribbean and live there. After several years on the water, they sold the boat and set off on a bicycle ride from California to the southern tip of Argentina. They did all this with a true belief that everything, including money, can be figured out along the way. “How difficult can it be?”

Episode 8: How to sail the world on cruise ships to train Jiu Jitsu, roll with strangers when traveling and move to the Caribbean.

I have a visitor on the island who has been working on cruise ships for 18 years and sailed the world, always bringing his gi. We talk about how to roll with strangers when visiting other academies and I answer a question from the listeners on how to move to the Caribbean.

Episode 7: How to travel off the beaten path – a phone call from the Caribbean to the Arctic Circle with Ruadhán MacFadden.

Ruadhán from Ireland is an expert in traveling off the beaten path. I caught him for an interview while he was at a Polar Bear safety course in Svalbard, north of the Arctic circle and we had a long talk about his favorite American all-inclusive casino resorts and Greek island vacation package tours.

Episode 6: Taking six months off work to go on a Jiu Jitsu trip across the USA with two kids

Adam, Dee, Lilly and Kobe are not your usual Jiu Jitsu backpackers. They’re a family of four from Australia and they’ve been traveling 6 months across the United States to train Jiu Jitsu in as many gyms as possible. I caught them for an interview towards the end of their trip. Also in this episode: Revealing the new BJJ Globetrotters video library project and answering dramatic questions from our Facebook group.

Episode 5: Growing up in the favela and starting a new life in Europe + how to be an entrepreneur

In this episode, I interview Bruno Matias. He is one of the veteran coaches of the camps, the official victory dance coach of BJJ Globetrotters and also the one guy I was deadly afraid to meet in competition when I one day got my black belt. I also answer questions from the listeners, in this episode on being an entrepreneur.

Episode 4: The BJJ Globetrotter of the year, Robert Barker

In this episode I talk with Robert Barker who has visited 100 academies around the world this year and won the “BJJ Globetrotter of the year” award.