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The end of 6 months in North and South America

So it’s a bit late, but this is our last blog post from our 6 months traveling and training across North and South America. We started New York and ended in Chilean Patagonia, saw some of the planet’s most beautiful regions and trained in some of the top gyms in the world. I’ve written about […]

Brazil part 2: A month in Rio de Janiero

The idea of spending a whole month in Rio was both thrilling and frightening. Marcus and I were both looking forward to the amazing BJJ training opportunities and also I couldn’t wait to start practicing with one of the pioneers of Ashtanga Yoga in Brazil, Dany Sa. However, Brazilian and non-Brazilian friends alike had abundantly […]

Viva Colombia

It was the first time either of us had been to South America, so we didn’t really know what to expect arriving in Colombia, the first stop on our tour of the continent. We didn’t have as long as we’d liked here, just under a month really, as we had booked a trek on the […]

West Coast, best coast part one: San Diego

After the heat and crowds of New York, San Diego was a literal breath of fresh air. It’s the 2nd largest city in California but it feels very spread out and livable, the downside is that you need to drive everywhere and traffic can get heavy during rush hour, just like anywhere else. Because it […]

Rain, cows and finally some mat time

Except for one glorious day of sunshine, the last few days in Goa have been filled with torrential, unending monsoon rains – surprise surprise. So we’ve had plenty of time to relax and do some yoga – and I’ve discovered that I don’t have bad posture, I have terrible, mind-numbingly horrific posture. #bjjruinedmylife ? However, […]

Monsoons and introductions

Hey guys!   Alessia and I writing this first blog post by the pool in Goa, India even though there is a torrential Monsoon storm heading our way shortly – no complaints though ?.   We’re Marcus and Alessia, two BJJ travellers just about to begin our journey through North and South America, training wherever […]