BJJ Globetrotters Iceland Camp 2020

* From July 13th to 18th, 2020 *
* In Reykjavík, Iceland *
* Six-day training camp in the largest grappling and MMA gym in the world *
* Classes all day long *
* Full use of all sauna, hot tub and weight-lifting facilities *
* 45 minutes from Keflavik international airport *
* Vikings vs. Intruders Icelandic wrestling competition *
* Optional half day Golden Circle sightseeing trip *
* Free coffee all day *
* Camp party in Viking bar *
* Everyone welcome, regardless of experience or affiliation *


Train all day long in the largest grappling and MMA gym in the world. Choose whether you want to relax in the rejuvenating waters of a natural hot spring or surf the invigoratingly cold waves of the North Atlantic. Wrestle a Viking under the open sky and then retreat to the nearby tavern for a well-earned horn of ale.

Yes, we’re heading back to the Land of Ice and Fire for another week of training, exploring, and partying in one of the most stunningly beautiful places on Earth. Grab your drinking horn and gi (and glíma belt) and meet us there!


“The moment Iceland Camp was officially announced, I did two things. Wrote my main training partner in the USA: “Wake up, it’s f**king Viking Camp!” and booked my ticket. Mjölnir had been at the top of my bucket list of gyms I wanted to train at and the facility did not disappoint. What a great gym and what an amazing camp! Christian did outdo himself with this one (again), with a wide variety of classes for all kind of grapplers, even a ‘Glima’ competition in the most epic places imaginable. Word of advise, if you can, book some extra time after camp to make the most out of your stay in Iceland. We rented a car and did the ring road, perfect way to stave off the post camp blues for another week.”
– Ferdinand, Germany


The earliest site of Norse settlement in Iceland (dating from the 9th century AD), modern-day Reykjavík is a bustling capital city with a wonderfully eclectic mix of ultra-modern concert halls, colourful old wooden houses, trendy cafes that turn into late-night party pubs, and streets named after Odin and Thor.

It’s also the hub of tourism in Iceland, acting as the main point of entry and the gateway to the rest of this absolutely stunning country. The world-famous Golden Circle tour (a 230km loop featuring the UNESCO World Heritage site Þingvellir National Park, Geysir geothermal area, and the thundering Gulfoss waterfall) is easily doable as a day trip from Reykjavík, as is a visit to the luxurious Blue Lagoon hot springs.

And if you have some more time on your hands either before or after the camp, you can hop in a car and hit the Ring Road that runs around the coast of the entire island for a multi-day road trip of truly otherworldly beauty.

“Iceland was my 12th Globetrotters Camp, and there is a reason I keep coming back to them: they are incredible. Not only that, they keep getting better. Iceland was one of the most amazing Jiu Jitsu experiences I have ever had, on and off the mats. First off, Mjolnir is the most beautiful, most well-equipped gym I have ever visited. There are three different mat spaces (with different classes in each running simultaneously throughout the camp), there are weightlifting and crossfit areas, there is a massive locker room with showers, a sauna, a hot tub, and all of the necessary amenities, there is a well-stocked pro-shop, and there is even a gym bar crafted almost completely out of wood in Norse mythological themes. Mjolnir simply must be experienced. Outside of the gym, Iceland has some of the most impressive natural landscapes and sites in the world, with waterfalls, hot springs, lava tunnels, black sand beaches, and who knows what else – there simply wasn’t enough time to see it all. Back in the city, the camp had nightly outings to local restaurants and bars with a large, friendly, extremely social presence from the camp community. This social aspect of Globetrotters camps is what really makes them stand out to me – Globetrotters is really a social community tied together by Jiu Jitsu, as opposed to just a way to train all day. Every time I go to a camp I make new lifelong friends, in addition to getting to hang out with friends I’ve made at previous camps, and Iceland was no exception. Overall, I was completely captivated by the country and the camp and I can’t wait to go back.”
– Sean, United States


Mjölnir is the largest grappling and MMA gym in the world, with a staggering 3000m2 of floor space dedicated to every conceivable aspect of martial arts training. Six matted halls for Jiu Jitsu and yoga, a full-sized professional MMA cage and boxing ring, weightlifting and strength-and-conditioning studios, and locker rooms with their own sauna and ice-bath areas.

Over the years, everyone from UFC fighters like Conor McGregor and Gunnar Nelson, to multiple Icelandic grappling champions, have walked through these doors to hone their craft. When you bump fists and roll at Mjölnir, you really will be walking in the footsteps of giants.

And just to confirm that they’ve really got their priorities straight, they have their own Viking bar (complete with craft beer on tap) and restaurant right on site! This is where we’ll hold our camp party on the Saturday night, finishing off the week in proper fashion with plenty of ale.

“Iceland was my fourth camp and somehow they keep getting better every time. I have traveled to each camp by myself, but the Globetrotter community is incredibly welcoming and I’ve made so many friends in the past year that walking into the welcome meeting this time felt like I was at the best kind of family reunion. The Mjölnir facility was incredible, and with classes and open mats from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm running simultaneously in multiple rooms, the sauna and hot tub facilities were a necessity. I don’t know when I would have traveled to Iceland without a camp to motivate me, but after spending the week after camp driving the circumference of the country I can say that it’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen and I’m hoping to return next year!”
– Mira, United States


We’re going to be running classes in three separate matted rooms every day from morning until evening, all taught by a variety of highly experienced instructors who bring their own perspective on Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, sometimes incorporating concepts from other grappling arts such as wrestling, judo, and luta livre. We’ll also schedule frequent open mat sessions at which you can roll, drill technique, or just chat with the instructors and pick their brains. There’ll be locals be dropping by for both classes and open mats, so you’ll have plenty of chances to see what that Viking Jiu Jitsu looks like. All in all, there’ll be more training than you can possibly handle over the course of the week, so make sure to bring your notepad!

All of our camps are renowned for their open and welcoming atmosphere. They’re full of enthusiastic, friendly people from all around the world, who enjoy training in a fun, relaxed, and open-minded environment. So regardless of whether you’re there with a group or travelling solo, you’ll always find someone to slap hands with.

“‘Viking Camp’ is until now the most memorable thing I did with the BJJ Globetrotters. You can’t understand how overwhelming the gym is or how beautiful the scenery is by just looking at the pictures. You’d have to imagine that the whole setting is at least a couple of times nicer than showed on any photographs you’ve seen. Make sure you book a couple of days extra so you can get a glimpse of what Iceland has to offer. We just parked the car near the highway once to take pictures of the nature. Iceland’s landscapes are overwhelming. They just make you feel really small compared to the nature. Also; If you’re at any camps… Make sure you follow Christian’s class on getting ideas and making things happen. It seriously was a life-changer for me. Actually any of the lectures at Mjolnir’s bar were amazing. This one was just the best thing ever (yet!) for me. You won’t regret booking this camp!”
– Mike, Belgium


Off the mats, we’ll be holding a series of workshops taught by a selection of instructors and highly knowledgeable camp attendees. These will all take place in the camp venue. Generally they focus on Jiu Jitsu and sport-related topics, but we’ve also had presentations on things like improving your photography, getting ideas and making stuff happen, and analysis of famous fights – basically anything cool that we think might be interesting! You’ll just have to wait for the schedule and see what we’ve got lined up.;-)


Come join the other camp participants for a half-day, guided sightseeing tour of the amazing nature of Iceland! We’ve rented a bus exclusively for the camp and will do two trips around the Golden Circle to see some of the most classic and impressive sights that the country has to offer. Since we’ve booked for 100 people, we’re able to keep this super affordable for you campers :)

The bus will pick us up and drop us off right at the camp, and you’ll be back in time for plenty of training in the afternoon / evening!

  • Take selfies in killer nature with other campers, then head back and choke each other
  • Tuesday and Thursday of the camp (change day as you like, as long as there’s room on the buses)
  • Depart 8:00 AM from Mjölnir
  • Return around 4:00 PM in the afternoon
  • Modern 49-seat buses with aircon, toilets, and coolers
  • English-speaking, professional tour guide
  • Only €59 per person; book together with your camp ticket!


How many people get to go to Iceland and tick “wrestle a Viking” off their bucket list? In order to ensure that you have just such an opportunity, we’ve assembled a thunderous horde of locals ready to face off against all comers in a Glíma tournament. Glíma is the native Icelandic style of wrestling, and involves grabbing hold of your opponent’s belt and trying to knock him/her off their feet. It’s one of the oldest folk-wrestling traditions in Europe, with a written history dating back to at least the year 1325 AD, and has been proudly practiced by the descendants of the Vikings ever since.

And now you’ll have the unique chance to test your mettle in this ancient art against some of the biggest, most impeccably bearded berserkers that Reykjavík has to offer. Rumors that the Bloodsport soundtrack will be played over loudspeakers at the time cannot be confirmed.


We’ll be professionally filming many of the classes and then hosting them online at our video library: BJJ Globetrotters in Action. They’ll be entirely free to access (as will the videos from all our other camps), so if you want to refresh your memory you can go back and check out the technique as many times as you want.


Regardless of the colour of the belt around your waist, six days of 8+ hours on the mats is tough on the body! In order to keep us as limbre and loose right until the end, we’re bringing back our instructor to run morning yoga sessions during the camp.


Let’s face it – Reykjavík can be an expensive city to spend time in! There are plenty of Air BnB places within easy reach of the camp venue though, and here are some other affordable accommodation options that should ensure you’ll still be well able to try out the local beer in the evenings.


Reykjavík is the cultural and social centre of Iceland, being home to almost half the population of the entire country. As such, you’ll find basically everything here – from huge music venues to cosy cafes, Michelin-star cuisine to street-side hotdog stalls, midnight Northern Lights tours to whale-watching cruises, and museums covering things as diverse as the early settlement of Iceland to less historical topics. All within easy walking distance, but also linked by an excellent and easy-to-use bus network.

It’s safe to say you’re never gonna be bored here :-)


More instructors to be announced!


Christian Graugart

  • From Saint Barthélemy, F.W.I.
  • Author of “The BJJ Globetrotter”
  • 2nd place IBJJF Europeans brown belt
  • IBJJF London Open black belt champion
  • Multiple x IBJJF default bronze medalist

  • Sigurpáll Albertsson

    Daði Steinn

  • From Reykjavik, Iceland
  • BJJ black belt
  • Multiple x Icelandic National champion
  • Head coach at VBC Iceland
  • Will teach for cake

    Sigurpáll-Albertsson-1 Sigurpáll-Albertsson-2 Sigurpáll-Albertsson-3

  • priit

    Priit Mihkelson

  • From Tallinn, Estonia
  • BJJ black belt
  • Head coach 3D Treening, Estonia
  • 2nd place Nordic Open BJJ 2016
  • Once stopped drone strike w/ turtle defense

    14311463_10209392585347508_6077945807565947773_o 14481776_10209575817848206_8146760516380282779_o 15167486_10210101752996256_6988784090008005880_o

  • Bjarni Baldursson

  • From Reykjavík, Iceland
  • BJJ Black Belt
  • Co-founder/owner of Mjölnir MMA
  • Pioneer of BJJ in Iceland
  • Studies Roombas for sweep options

  • Chris Paines

    Chris Paines

  • From Stafford, England
  • BJJ Black Belt
  • Coach at Fighting Fit Grappling
  • Manchester Open black belt champion
  • Phobia of gym mirrors

  • Jorgen Matsi

  • From Tartu, Estonia
  • BJJ black belt
  • Founder of first Estonian MMA & BJJ club
  • Practicing sports psychologist counselor
  • Once saw a Gracie in an airport bathroom

  • Sigurpáll Albertsson

    Kieran Davern

  • From Tullamore, Ireland
  • IBJJF Ireland Heavyweight Champ. ’19
  • Polaris Pro winner
  • 3x Grapplefest Winner
  • Ostrich farm owner

    Sigurpáll-Albertsson-1 Sigurpáll-Albertsson-2 Sigurpáll-Albertsson-3

  • nelson-puentes

    Nelson Puentes

  • From Pennsylvania, United States
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt
  • Owner of Inverted Gear
  • Official camp board game coordinator
  • Pretty much constantly inverted


  • hillary-witt

    Hillary Witt

  • From Pennsylvania, United States
  • 2x Purple belt World Champion
  • U.S. Nationals Judo Champion
  • Owner of Inverted Gear
  • Makes grown men cry on the mat

    1610951_10100649313891819_6013195552316900305_n 24643_633252250023444_229157393_n 1607053_722806641132093_6297725779584539126_n

  • jay pages bjj camp

    Jay J. Pages

  • From Arizona, United States
  • Caio Terra BJJ Black Belt
  • IBJJF American Nationals Champion
  • 6X AZSBJJF Champion
  • That DILF from YouTube


  • Gunnar Nelson

  • From Reykjavik, Iceland
  • BJJ black belt
  • UFC welterweight fighter since 2012
  • Black belt in 4 years
  • Expects camp to finally make him emotional

  • Gudmundur Gunnarsson

    Gudmundur Gunnarsson

  • From Njarðvík Iceland
  • 2x Icelandic BJJ Champion
  • Glima & Celtic Wrestling National Coach
  • Highland Backhold Champion
  • Favorite pass is pass the potatoes

  • Halldór Valsson

  • From Reykjavik, Iceland
  • BJJ black belt
  • 2x Icelandic Nationals champion
  • Silver IBJJF Europeans brown
  • Farts on airplanes


    All instructors at the BJJ Globetrotters camps have agreed to:

    • Respect and treat everyone at the camp equally, regardless of gender, sexuality, age, belt level, and skill; on and off the mats.
    • Behave respectfully and with the integrity to be expected of an instructor, role model, and representative of BJJ Globetrotters; on and off the mats.
    • Be a team player and support their fellow instructors.
    • Treat neither rolling nor teaching as a competition.


    “The BJJ Globetrotters Iceland Camp may well have been the perfect Jiu Jitsu learning experience for any practitioner looking for world-class instructors, a beautiful training space and more classes and open mats than anyone could participate in. Attendees were universally kind, ego-free and passionate about the sport. As a new blue belt, the exposure to so many different styles of games and concepts was exactly what I needed to begin the next part of my Jiu Jitsu journey in a beautiful way. I cannot recommend this BJJ Globetrotters enough.”
    – Anthony, Toronto


    Will be sent out approximately one week before camp

    * Camp opening is Monday afternoon *
    * Daily training and open mat sessions from morning to evening *
    * We are trying to make an equal amount of gi and no-gi classes *

    Take a look at the guidebook for last year’s Iceland Camp here


    Book your spot before May 15th and you’ll have the option of ordering either our special lightweight travel gi or pearl weave competition gi for just €100. You can pick whichever colour you like for the gi (blue, black, white, grey, or brown), and it’ll have a special design unique to this camp.

    BJJ Globetrotters Travel gi version 2
    * Special Iceland Camp design *
    * Available in blue, white, black, brown, pink and gray *
    * Super light ripstop jacket and pants *
    * From just 1.1 kg *
    * Perfect to bring for traveling *
    * Separate large BJJ Globetrotters patch *
    * Camp pre-order price €100 *
    BJJ Globetrotters Competition Gi
    * Special Iceland Camp design *
    * Available in blue, white, black and gray *
    * High quality, 100% cotton 550GSM pearl weave jacket *
    * 10 oz canvas pants *
    * IBJJF competition legal *
    * Separate large BJJ Globetrotters patch *
    * Camp pre-order price €100 *

    Just pre-order it along with your camp ticket, and then pay for it in cash when you pick it up at the camp. Binding, gentleman’s agreement. :-)


    As always, your camp ticket includes a free camp t-shirt. Just select your size when booking and we’ll make sure the shirt is ready for you when you arrive at camp. Above is the design for our 2019 Iceland camp – we’ll come up with a new one for 2020!


    Six days unlimited training camp

    Golden Circle sightseeing tour €59

    Availability: MEDIUM (Less than 60 tickets left)


    Terms and conditions


    Where is the camp?
    The camp will be held at Mjölnir MMA, Flugvallarvegur 3-3a, 101 Reykjavík, Iceland.

    How do I get there?
    Unless you really feel like hopping on one of those 3-day ferries from mainland Europe, the best way to get to Iceland is to fly to Keflavik international airport (KEF). From there it’s only a 45-minute bus ride to Reykjavík city centre.

    Travel tip: Icelandair offers transatlantic flights with free stopovers of up to 7 days in Iceland. So you could fly from North America to Iceland, stay for the camp, and then head onwards to another destination in Europe very easily. Or vice versa. Perfect way to kick off your Jiu Jitsu world tour?

    When can I arrive/leave?
    Any day you like, really.

    Is there a minimum age for participation?
    You have to be at least 18 years old in order to attend the camp.

    I’m not sure if I’m free on those dates yet and/or can’t afford to buy a ticket right now. Can I reserve a spot at the camp and pay later once I’ve made my decision/ saved enough money?
    Sorry, but we can’t bookmark spots for people in advance. It would make it far too difficult to accurately determine how many spots are still available, and would cause additional confusion if people then cancel their reserved spots on short notice. To make it fair for everyone, we only secure camp spots for people who have bought a ticket.

    I’ll be nearby during the dates of the camp. Can I drop in for just one day / one class / one open mat?
    Unfortunately, this isn’t possible. The logistics of trying to keep track of day tickets for these camps would be a nightmare. Not to mention that if we allow one person to drop by, we have to allow everyone to drop by, and then we’d risk not having enough mat space for the people who actually paid for the full camp. Also, we often have a long waiting list for camp tickets, and it wouldn’t be fair to those people if we let someone skip the list and come for a day. Same deal for everyone!:-)