BJJ Globetrotters USA Camp Maine 2020

* June 3rd to June 7th, 2020 in Maine, USA *
* Beautiful lakeside location in the middle of a forest *
* Approx. an hour’s drive from Portland, ME *
* Five-day intense training camp *
* Great accommodation and training facilities *
* High-level international instructors *
* Gi and no-gi classes all day long *
* Four nights accommodation in cabins or double rooms *
* Full laundry service *
* All meals included *
* Free use of paddle boards *
* Bonfire every evening *
* Lobster bake night *
* Jiu Jitsu and other sports-related workshops *
* Daily morning yoga *
* Movie nights featuring martial arts classics *
* Board game night *
* Comedy night *
* Many other available activities *
* Everyone welcome regardless of experience and affiliation *


Once again we’re plunging headfirst into the heart of the forest for our annual USA Camp. For five whole days, an enthusiastic community of Globetrotters will settle into the quaint cabins and fully equipped sports hall of Camp Manitou, fuelled by the crisp woodland air and the finest lobster that Maine has to offer! Each morning we’ll hit the mats as the sun rises over the lake and keep going until the embers of our own private bonfire settle down for the night.

We take care of absolutely everything – food, accommodation, laundry, and Jiu Jitsu. All you need to do is show up, get in your gi or shorts, and get ready for the experience of a lifetime.

Hope to see you there!


“The Maine USA 2017 Camp was my first experience with a Jiu Jitsu vacation’ but it certainly will not be my last. Christian and the Globetrotters team have mastered the balance of offering both superior training and an enjoyable, relaxing vacation in one package. The instructors were all highly skilled not only in the practice of Jiu Jitsu but also the capacity to teach it. As well, the selection of material covered had a great spread, covering all aspects of BJJ. Further, the instructors were clearly, carefully selected for affability- all were very approachable, eager to pass on additional assistance during open mat to just hang and chat during downtime. Couple this with a gorgeous camp resourced with a plethora of activity options, crafted opportunities for group interaction and excellent food and well, I think it is fair to say that good times were had by all. I am already looking at other Globetrotters camps to attend so I don’t have to wait all the way until next summer!”
– Noah, United States


Camp Manitou is a purpose-built facility right in the midst of the Maine wilderness, featuring a selection of comfortable, rustic cabins and more than enough matspace to accommodate more than 150 eager and friendly grapplers from all around the world. Nestled between towering trees and a serenely sparkling lake, it’s the perfect location for five days of relaxing in pristine nature and training Jiu Jitsu from sunrise till sunset with high-level instructors and a bunch of new friends. Even with its secluded and private location, it’s very easily accessible – roughly an hour’s drive from Portland, Maine.


“It’s been a few days since the USA camp ended and I’m still thinking about what a unique and awesome experience it was. Definitely something I’ll remember forever. I met so many great people. Thank you everyone for being awesome people! I’m really glad I was able to get to teach and be a part of this camp. Thanks Christian! I’m definitely looking forward to next year. I had a great time. Met some of the coolest peeps in BJJ!”
– Jason, United States


Camp Manitou has absolutely everything we need both on and off the mats. The cabins have been freshly renovated and all of them feature modern bathrooms and showers. A full laundry service is included in the cost of the camp, so we’ll collect your training gear from your cabin every morning and drop it back to you later in the day.

Training will take place in a large sports hall just a short walk from the cabins, and food will be served three times a day in the camp canteen.

And of course there’s the absolutely stunning nature right on your doorstep. Waterskiing, paddleboarding, ball sports of all kinds, swimming, or just hitting the forest trails – if you ever find you need a break from all the Jiu Jitsu training, you’ll never be short of options here.:-)


“I have been training Jiu Jitsu for 3 years and I thought I knew what the lifestyle was about. I mean you train really hard almost everyday, you compete even harder to make podium and you cross-train with your friends at other gyms, that’s what this lifestyle is all about right? That’s what living and breathing Jiu Jitsu was, right? I was wrong and it wasn’t until I went to the USA 2016 camp that I found this out. The amount of knowledge that I’ve gained, the awesome connections and new training partners that I met, the intense training with different styles and experiencing a new perspective of what Jiu Jitsu is about, the Globetrotters camp will truly open your eyes. The experience was euphoric and so surreal I definitely recommend these camps to anyone who loves jiu jitsu. I cannot wait for the next camp I am able to attend!”
– Ali, United States


We’ll be running classes (both gi and no-gi) every day from morning to evening, all taught by a variety of highly experienced instructors who bring their own perspective on Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, sometimes incorporating concepts from other grappling arts such as wrestling, judo, and luta livre. We’ll also schedule frequent open mat sessions at which you can roll, drill technique, or just chat with the instructors and pick their brains. It’s entirely normal to see 10-20 black belts sitting around during open mat, chatting with everyone, answering questions, and swapping ideas and experiences. You frequently hear instructors say that even if they weren’t here to teach, they’d still come just to participate in the uniquely helpful environment of learning and sharing.

Basically, there’ll be more training and input than you can possibly handle over the course of the week, so make sure to bring your notepad!

All of our camps are renowned for their open and welcoming atmosphere. They’re full of enthusiastic, friendly people from all around the world, who enjoy training in a fun, relaxed, and open-minded environment. So regardless of whether you’re there with a group or travelling solo, you’ll always find someone to slap hands with.


“If you are lucky, there will come a point in your life when discover how the passion for the art of Jiu Jitsu brings people together. From newly experienced practitioners to seasoned veterans, each individual is incredibly unique and has a story to tell. These stories could be told by mouth, but as artists, we tell them when we roll. The 26 hours of classes and the 11 open mats spent together at the USA Camp, deeply changed my outlook on life. All of you are some of the most caring and wholehearted people that I have ever had the pleasure to meet and get to know. In the short span of five days, we shared laughter, knowledge, stories, beers, and made some of the best memories to be cherished for the rest of our lives. It was a homesick feeling to have to leave all of you and the camp. Thank you for making me feel like family and thank you for helping me reach all my goals. You will all be remembered and I hope we meet again!”
– Ryan, United States


The main accommodation for the camp will be the cosy wooden cabins right beside the lake. Each one enjoys a beautiful view out into the surrounding nature, so you’ll be in the perfect setting to unwind in between training sessions. If you’d prefer a little extra privacy, we also have a limited number of single rooms, double rooms and private houses available at extra cost.

Standard cabin
Sleeps 10+ people
Shared bathrooms

4-person room
Two bunk beds
Shared bathrooms
Shared laundry room

2-person room
One double or two single beds
Shared bathrooms

Private room
Single bed
Shared bathrooms

“Eagle Pond”
Private house (attached)
Private entrance
Private bathroom and shower
Located in center of camp
Small living room
Double bed for one or two persons

Private house
Private entrance
Private bathroom and shower
Quiet area near training hall
Extra room with baby crib
Additional small room
Double bed for one or two persons

Private house
Private entrance
Private bathroom and shower
Quiet area
Private washing machine
Double bed for one or two persons

“Boston Pond”
Private house
Private entrance
Private bathroom and shower
Small living room
Center of camp
Additional small room
Private washing machine
Double bed for one or two persons


“This was my first BJJ Globetrotters camp, and it exceeded my expectations by a long shot. I made so many friends from around the world that share the same passion as I do. I feel very blessed and honoured to have been apart of this experience. Yes, I will be back next year! See you all then.”
– Kyle, Canada


Food is included in the cost of the camp, and will be served three times a day in the onsite canteen. We offer a wide variety of hearty, nutritious food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and assorted snacks will be available throughout the day as well. Check out a sample menu here. On one of the evenings we’ll hold a special lobster bake, so you’ll have the opportunity to load up your plate with more of that famous Maine lobster than you can probably handle.;-)

We offer vegetarian, gluten-free, and dairy-free options, so if you’d like to avail of these (or if you have any food allergies) please add a note when buying your ticket or drop us a line at mail@bjjglobetrotters.com to let us know.

If you need to stock up on anything else, there’s a small convenience store a 5-minute walk from the camp. And within 10-15 mins by car you’ll find a Walmart and plenty of local restaurants and bars.

“Made it home safe it was my first camp it was absolutely amazing and cannot wait for the next one thank you everyone for such an awesome time in Maine and look forward to seeing you guys throughout the year if not next year”
– Thomas, United States


We’ll be professionally filming many of the classes and then hosting them online at our video library: BJJ Globetrotters in Action. They’ll be entirely free to access (as will the videos from all our other camps), so if you want to refresh your memory you can go back and check out the technique as many times as you want.

“You know, I fully expected to have a lukewarm time. I was the noob white belt crashing the upper belt’s party – literally the 2nd most novice human out of the 167 folks attending. As we pulled up to the Camp, I was mentally preparing and fortifying my brain. I would have to survive 5 days of dismissal, intimidation, and isolation that I had willingly signed up and paid for. Then suddenly, a golf cart wizzed by and a man in a sea captain’s hat and a leopard print robe saluted us. WTF!? Everyone gathered by the lake, and the rules were announced – #1 smile, #2 make friends. Clearly this camp was not what I envisioned. But, even at this point we were all still strangers, and I couldn’t anticipate my feelings and experiences by the end of the week. On and off of the mats, I was met with generosity and an eagerness to connect. No matter the belt, I was welcomed and encouraged to roll. There was silliness abound. Smiles. Lengthy conversations. High fives. Costumes. Laughing. Plans to meet up again. It was clear that what we all shared was not only jiu jitsu, but also the pursuit of community, connection, esteem, adventure, challenge, craft, beauty, and a purpose in living. I have done my share of sports, and really enjoy most athletic and artistic pursuits. But what I find most compelling about BJJ (and particularly the BJJ Globetrotters) is this esprit de corps and a relentless generosity. I’m hooked, man. At the risk of sounding cliché, this week has likely changed the trajectory of my life’s pursuit in a significant way. Thank you all for everything.”
– Briana, United States


Off the mats, we’ll be holding a series of workshops taught by a selection of instructors and highly knowledgeable camp attendees. These will all take place in the camp venue. Generally they focus on Jiu Jitsu and sport-related topics, but we’ve also had presentations on things like improving your photography, getting ideas and making stuff happen, and analysis of famous fights – basically anything cool that we think might be interesting! You’ll just have to wait for the schedule and see what we’ve got lined up.


Regardless of the colour of the belt around your waist, six days of 8+ hours on the mats is tough on the body! In order to keep us as limbre and loose right until the end, we’re bringing back our yoga teacher to run morning yoga sessions every day of the camp.

“Being my first camp I didn’t really know what to expect, but the only way I can tell it best is to say that this past week was one of the best experiences I’ve ever been fortunate to have. Meeting and making friends with people from all over the world who are not only good people in general, but also happen to share my passion for jiu jitsu was/is truly empowering on many levels. It couldn’t have happened if not for Christian so thanks a lot man for loving jiu jitsu and for acting on your idea to use it as a vehicle to bring people together. Also, thank you to all of you for letting your love for the gentle art cause to you decide to show up too. Can’t have good times without good people. This will not be my last camp! Thanks again for a great experience,”
– Adio, Canada


If you want to do something else than Jiu Jitsu for a bit, there are plenty of other options at the camp. Go for a swim, play boardgames, try out some waterskiing, hit the high ropes course, or take the paddle boards out for an evening ride to our private island in the middle of the lake. We’ll also be running workshops in the theater all throughout the day, covering many different aspects of Jiu Jitsu and general sport-related performance. And at night we’ll continue to put the theater to good use. Let’s just say you might have a few new Van Damme quotes in your repertoire by the time you go home.


“I have had many great experiences in my lifetime, but attending the BJJ Globetrotters USA Camp was on the top of my list. I truly met some of the most sincere and wonderful people from all over the world. The training was outstanding and the instructors were top notch.”
– Russ, United States


More instructors to be announced!


Christian Graugart

  • From Saint Barthélemy, F.W.I.
  • Author of “The BJJ Globetrotter”
  • 2nd place IBJJF Europeans brown belt
  • IBJJF London Open black belt champion
  • Multiple x IBJJF default bronze medalist

    1385201_10152370029691876_9049665397436942188_n10498112_10152114529406876_5460146462663847734_o1014542_10151422426506876_353982791_o (1)

  • Charles Harriott

  • From Florida, United States
  • BJJ black belt
  • Been matsurfing all of 2018
  • Sometimes compete, sometimes win
  • Kaohsiung Dance Battle Champion

  • Greg Wood

  • From Connecticut, United States
  • BJJ Black Belt
  • Owner of Plainville Martial Arts
  • 20+ years of BJJ
  • Eats his weight in peanut butter, daily

  • jason-bell

    Matthew McPeake

  • From Ontario, Canada
  • BJJ black belt
  • Like to train in garages and basements
  • USA Camp OG
  • Also known as “Mr. Canada”

    11071624_885259071496563_2854964428726594510_o 11054388_885036641518806_6096058035571640999_o 11900064_10206008240658770_6160659304411903912_n

  • jason-bell

    Paul Elliott

  • From New York, United States
  • BJJ black belt
  • Head BJJ coach for ATT Watertown
  • 2013 ranked #1 NAGA old man gi/no-gi
  • Likes white belts

    11071624_885259071496563_2854964428726594510_o 11054388_885036641518806_6096058035571640999_o 11900064_10206008240658770_6160659304411903912_n

  • nathan adamson bjj

    Nathan Adamson

  • From Oregon, United States
  • 2014 Featherweight 5Grappling Champion
  • Multiple time IBJJF medalist
  • 2013 Nationals medalist


  • Aaron Ross

  • From Florida, USA / Tokyo, Japan
  • BJJ black belt
  • 10+ yrs training in Paraestra, Tokyo
  • “Best Horse Stance” ’84 All Valley Karate C.
  • International used car salesman

  • priit

    Priit Mihkelson

  • From Tallinn, Estonia
  • BJJ black belt
  • Head coach 3D Treening, Estonia
  • 2nd place Nordic Open BJJ 2016
  • Once stopped drone strike w/ turtle defense

    14311463_10209392585347508_6077945807565947773_o 14481776_10209575817848206_8146760516380282779_o 15167486_10210101752996256_6988784090008005880_o

  • Joey Zente

  • From Texas, United States
  • BJJ Black Belt
  • Founder of Veterans Jiu-Jitsu
  • Sings ABBA in the shower
  • Ties his belt with a 1879 naval knot

  • haueter

    Chris Haueter

  • From Los Angeles, United States
  • 5th degree BJJ black belt
  • First American to win black belt match
  • 2015 IBJJF Master 5 World Champion
  • Has armbarred Chuck Norris

    541627_581427518661124_3835360392215208289_n1452362_10152905269941450_1384651286456605982_n 10268667_10203079363117368_7834338547947331557_n

  • benwestrich

    Ben Westrich

  • From Colorado, United States
  • BJJ Black Belt
  • 10x Colorado State Champion
  • 11-0 MMA record (10 submissions)
  • Masters the upside down belt knot

    DoubleGoldGrandCanyon BenAndLarry 12042619_10153722304873462_7032171819644492336_n

  • bydairk

    Eric Bydairk

  • From San Diego, United States
  • Former Collegiate Division 1 Wrestler
  • BJJ Black Belt
  • IBJJF 2014 European Champ. purple belt
  • Often double legs instead of handshake


  • Heather Raftery

    Kyle Sleeman

  • From Ontario, Canada
  • BJJ black belt
  • 2nd IBJJF Toronto Open
  • 31 years training experience
  • Rarely excited about camps

  • brad wolfson bjj camp

    Brad Wolfson

  • From Connecticut, United States
  • BJJ Black Belt
  • Connecticut Open Champion 2014
  • Owner of Soulcraft Academy
  • Has extraordinary sharp forearms


  • Lisa Pages

    Jenn Carson

  • From New Brunswick, Canada
  • Yoga and positional therapist
  • Award-winning author
  • Known as the “Lethal Librarian”
  • Doesn’t take late book returns lightly


    All instructors at the BJJ Globetrotters camps must agree to:

    • Respect and treat everyone at the camp equally, regardless of gender, sexuality, age, belt level and skill; on and off the mats.
    • Behave respectfully and with the integrity to be expected of an instructor, role model and representative of BJJ Globetrotters; on and off the mats.
    • Be a team player and support your fellow instructors.
    • Treat neither rolling nor teaching as a competition.


    “Just wanted to say thank you to Christian Graugart for creating the BJJ Globetrotter and giving us an outlet for likeminded individuals and for putting together these camps for all of us to come together under one roof to learn, share, and create lifelong friendships. As most have shared, I had a blast at the USA camp! I didn’t want the camp to end! This is hands down one of the most memorable experiences in my BJJ career. I already want to start planning on the next one. Unfortunately, as most good things do, this camp had to come to an end. Thank you to all of the coaches that came out to teach and thank you to all of you globe trotting peeps for coming out as well. It was and honor and a pleasure meeting all of you. I hope you like what we all went over and hope to see everyone again soon. Safe travels everyone! Until next time!”
    – Jay, United States


    Will be sent out closer to the camp.

    The first training session will be on Wednesday afternoon and the last one on Sunday before lunch.

    From Thursday through Saturday, classes and open mats are scheduled to run from 8am to around 8pm.

    Take a look at the guidebook for last year’s USA Camp here


    Book your spot before March 1st and get a special USA Camp edition of either our light weight travel gi or pearl weave competition gi for just $100. You can pick any color for the gi (blue, white, black, brown, or gray) and it will have a special design just for this camp.

    BJJ Globetrotters Travel gi version 2
    * Special USA Camp 2020 design *
    * Available in blue, white, black, brown, and gray *
    * Super light ripstop jacket and pants *
    * Weighs as little as 1.1 kg *
    * Perfect to bring while travelling *
    * Special camp pre-order price $100 *
    BJJ Globetrotters Competition Gi
    * Special USA Camp 2020 design *
    * Available in blue, white, black, and gray *
    * High quality, 100% cotton 550GSM pearl weave jacket *
    * 10 oz canvas pants *
    * IBJJF competition legal *
    * Special camp pre-order price $100 *

    Pre-order with your camp registration and you can pick it up at the camp and pay in cash there. Binding, gentlemen’s agreement :)


    “I can also say that this was one of the best weeks of my life, having met so many passionate & talented people. It was more than inspirational and for me personally, it couldn’t have come at a better time… I am literally in the process of moving and after having to move on from my mixed martial arts training, I definitely feel that I have found home in team BJJ! A very special thank you to all of the instructors for passing along their knowledge & wisdom, to everyone at the USA camp for being invaluable training partners and for the great rolls, and to everyone involved in the planning/facilitation to make such a special trip possible! This was camp #1 for me and there will without a doubt in my mind be a #2, #3 and beyond! Can’t wait to see what the journey brings, it was a true pleasure meeting all of you. Until next time… Train hard, oss!”
    – Nicolas, United States


    Five days unlimited training camp
    Four nights of accommodation
    All meals included
    Full laundry service
    Lobster bake
    (All prices are per person)

    Cabin reservation
    Non-refundable deposit to reserve cabin spot
    Must pay remaining $375 by March 1st to secure
    Reservation only available for cabin tickets


    Cabin full payment
    Per person in 10+ person shared cabin


    4-person room: +$100 pp.
    2-person room: +$200 pp.
    Private room +$300 pp.
    Private house w/ private shower +$400 pp.



    Terms and conditions



    “Woke up this morning with the sad realization that I was not going to look out over the lake, walk up to the cafeteria to make my coffee, have some breakfast, followed by a full day of Jiu Jitsu nourishment for my soul… :( I had an amazing time at the USA camp. As always the best part was meeting all of you jits nerds, and the ever so constant flow of new knowledge! Thanks to all the instructors who made the experience an exceptional one, by taking the time to truly coach after a roll, or after a class, highlighting gaps and areas of improvement. To all of you, I say Thank You!!!!”
    – Gabriel, United States


    Where is the camp?
    The camp will be held at Camp Manitou, 47 Camp Manitou Cove, Oakland, ME 04963, United States.

    I am not sure if I can come or not / can’t afford it yet. Can you hold a spot for me until I decide later / have saved up enough money?
    Sorry, but we can’t bookmark spots for people in advance. It would make it far too difficult to accurately determine how many spots are still available, and would cause additional confusion if people then cancel their reserved spots on short notice. To make it fair for everyone, we only secure camp spots for people who have bought a ticket.

    How do I get there?
    The closest airport is Portland International Airport (PWM). From there it’s just over an hour’s drive to the camp. If you want share a ride/rental car with someone else from the camp, we have a Facebook group for the participants where coordinating this is usually very easy.

    What day do I need to arrive / leave?
    Come any day you like! We start training Wednesday after lunch, but you don’t have to be there at that point. If you don’t wanna miss out on anything, we recommend you arrive Wednesday morning and leave again Sunday afternoon. It’s also possible to arrive Tuesday, preferably between 5-8 in the evening. Let us know on mail@bjjglobetrotters.com.

    I’m a complete beginner, can I still join?

    Is it possible to show up just for one day/one class/one open mat?
    Unfortunately, this isn’t possible. The logistics of trying to keep track of day tickets for these camps would be a nightmare. Not to mention that if we allow one person to drop by, we have to allow everyone to drop by, and then we’d risk not having enough mat space for the people who actually paid for the full camp. Also, we often have a long waiting list for camp tickets, and it wouldn’t be fair to those people if we let someone skip the list and come for a day. Same deal for everyone!:-)

    Is there an age limit for participation?
    You must be minimum 18 years old to participate in this camp.

    Can you make sure I stay in the same room/cabin as my friend(s)?
    Yes, no problem at all, just shoot us an email with your names after you’ve registered.

    Where do the participants come from?
    Our camps are usually attended by happy people from all over the world.

    What language will the classes be taught in?
    All classes are in English.

    Is it possible to do private lessons with the instructors?
    Yes, please talk with the instructors directly to make an appointment.

    Is this just a BJJ camp?

    Will I receive a ticket in the mail?
    There are no physical tickets for the camps. Your name is on our list when you arrive and check in.

    When will there be training?
    Training is running all day from Wednesday through Sunday. First classes start around 10 in the morning and we end around 7 in the evening.

    I only train with/without the gi, will there be enough training for me?
    Yes! We promise there’ll be more classes than you can possibly handle.

    Will I be allowed to film during the camp?
    Generally yes, but always check with the instructor beforehand.

    How many gis should I bring?
    We recommend two, that’s enough for most people.

    Where can I wash my training clothes?
    There will be a full laundry service at the camp. We’ll pick up your training gear from your cabin every morning, and drop it back to your freshly laundered later in the day.

    What kind of food are you serving?
    Check out the sample menu here.

    Is there an option for vegetarian food?
    Yes! If you have any allergies/dietary restrictions, we offer vegetarian, gluten free, and dairy-free options. Please just note this at check out or write to us at mail@bjjglobetrotters.com and let us know.

    Is it possible to test for belt promotion?
    Since some of you attending the camp don’t have an instructor on a daily basis, that can evaluate and promote you, it will be possible to “sign up” for this at the camp. This is how it works:

    1) You promise that you don’t have another instructor that are waiting to promote you
    2) You send an email to graugart@gmail.com with a note, that you are interested in evaluation for belt promotion. Include a short resumé of your training amount/time, competition experience, etc.
    3) Along the camp, we will roll and talk with you as much as we can, and then evaluate if you are up for promotion.
    4) Don’t try to prove anything in sparring (especially when the coaches are watching). We are looking at technical level, experience and behaviour on the mat, not how tough you are :)
    5) You may or may not be promoted. The standards are high, and no guarantees are given… of course. :)

    What else can I spend my time on, besides training?
    The camp has tons of activities, don’t worry ;)

    Is it safe?
    Yes :)

    What are the terms and conditions for the event?
    Please visit this page :)


    “I am a 35 year old blue belt and train very often at a small, young gym. I often attend seminars hours away to supplement my training and meet people. When I heard of the European BJJ Globetrotter camps, I knew I had to go. One in the U.S. finally made it possible for me. Within hours of getting to camp, I made a few friends and learned a few techniques. By the last day I made great friends and was very sad to leave. Not only was the instruction top notch, but the everyone got along great! I will not only go to other camps, I will bring friends into the fold!”
    – Harley, United States


    If you have any questions or special inquiries, feel free to email us at mail@bjjglobetrotters.com and we’ll return to you right away!



    “When I started training BJJ, I was immediately drawn to the network of people I was meeting in the art. The Globetrotters Camps are even more special because everyone is not only looking to improve their own game but share and encourage their secrets and strategies to others on the mat. This was my second year at the USA camp. It only got better compared to last year because I was again meeting more people with the same love of Jiu Jitsu but I also got to catch up with people I had met the year before. The positive energy and upbeat vibe makes it a fun environment to learn and improve. It has been an awesome adventure and I look forward to future camps to build on my training and the fantastic friendships that I build along the way.”
    – Katie, Canada


    “The 2016 USA BJJ Globetrotters Training Camp was a wonderful experience. I have never been on a trip alone before, especially a training camp. Words can not express the special camaraderie between each other through out the camp. What makes the camp so special is not just the training but the people. The love of Jiu Jitsu is felt by instructors, staff and especially all of the people who attended this event from all over the world. The coolest part was that I was assigned to a cabin with nine other people that I have never met before. We ended up being great friends and I couldn’t be happier with my bunk mates. To think that we all come from different locations, Jiu Jitsu Schools and Belts ranks, yet non of that matters here. My only regret is that I didn’t find out about this stuff earlier in life! I can’t wait for the next one!”
    – Benson, United States


    “The USA camp was special for me because I got to see the friends I made at last camp again. This is a total immersion into the art without distractions. It is very well run with all the instructors eager to help make your jujitsu better. Doesn’t matter what team you are when you get here. When you arrive you are a Globetrotter. “
    – Van, United States


    “When the idea of a 5 day Jiu Jitsu focused camp in New Hampshire was proposed to me I couldn’t turn it down, but I had my reservations. I was a white belt with less than 6 months of consistent training and was introduced to the sport by my significant other, a brown belt in BJJ. Being new to the sport, I hadn’t really found my connection to it. I enjoyed the work out that training provided and the time spent sharing the sport with my partner but was struggling to find the way BJJ fit into my life. I was highly intimidated by meeting this group of people who harbor a wealth of knowledge about something I knew little about. This experience blew all of my insecurities out of the water in the first 5 minutes. All you need to attend is an open mind and a weeks worth of under armor. After 5 days worth of BJJ immersion, I not only gained a deeper knowledge of the sport, but found my connection, the people. Everyone I met, no matter what color belt or what gym they called home, was humble and willing to share their knowledge of not just BJJ, but life as well. It was the inspiration I was hoping to find to ignite my passion to the sport and personal motivation to continue training. I would highly recommend this camp to anyone who is interested in BJJ, not matter how much or how little they train. It was an amazing experience that I hope to be a part of again next year.”
    – Hillary, United States


    “I enjoy traveling. I love BJJ. It seemed perfect that I could do both on one trip! Coming from New Zealand, I got the full ‘Murca experience all in one hit – from cuisine through to camp life. I appreciated the care that training partners put into assisting white belts, echoing the sentiment of Christian #whitebeltsmatter. From the USA camp I come away with a group of friends for life, invitations to live and train, and the hope to do it all again!”
    – David, New Zealand


    “I was thinking about how cool it was that everyone there was great to train with, but then I realized there are factors that make it inevitable. We are already dealing with a laid back organization of people. That group of individuals then self selected to join this camp. Combine that with instructors that obviously care about helping everyone they encounter. I don’t know how else you could so easily guarantee an environment that concentrates those who are passionate about jiu-jitsu.”
    – Paul, United States


    “This USA camp was the kind of experience that goes on a bucket list. I’m so happy I could be there and meet all of you. All the Globetrotters create a truly unique vibe that made me happy the whole trip. Thanks!”
    – Matt, United States


    “I have had 8 hours to reflect on everything from this week and it is still not enough time. My mind is blown from the way I was treated by everyone specially the instructors, not once did I feel uncomfortable asking questions or rolling. I made friends, got better, and I now have a camp and new gyms to visit in the future. I also know what side mount is… lol”
    – Luis, United States